Seabass’ Diary…Day 141…FBI

April 24, 2017-I shifted my weight. I already knew that he wasn’t who I thought he was, he was only reiterating the fact.

“Ok, then why don’t you go ahead and tell me who you are,” I said firmly.

“You don’t need to get upset; who I am doesn’t change anything,” Simba said.

“Then why are you stalling?” I said and narrowed my eyes at him.

“Come with me, I can’t tell you exactly, but I can show you,” he said, and I followed him to the prison library. I had been in the library a million times not a thing was out of place and to be frank, it was boring. Books lived here, from floor to ceiling. Odd books, rare books, textbooks and the classics. This was the place where the small, stupid human tapped away at her keyboard, while I sat on it to be a pain. I loved putting myself in front of whatever she was doing because this was a clear message that I was in charge; it worked every time because she always stopped what she was doing to pick me up and pet me.

I followed Simba to the back corner of the library and watched as he shuffled some books around like a puzzle. My eyes grew wider when I realized what was happening.

“Stand back,” he said, and for once I obeyed him. A large portion of the wall began to creak and groan, and with a giant “THUMP” it opened to reveal a staircase.

I swallowed hard,”What is this place?” Simba ignored me, picked up a lit torch and led us into the darkness.

We finally reached an iron gate with a scanner on the wall. Simba held up his left paw, and we were granted access.

I blinked quickly because I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this real? Was it true?

“Welcome to headquarters, I’m special agent Simba Mufasa of the FBI,” he said.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation?” I squeaked.

“No, the FELINE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION,” he said as he flashed his badge.

The walls closed in on me, and the world went black.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 118…Darkness…

September 8, 2016- “You can help us?” Simba said. “Yes, I can help you find your human, I’m good at finding things!” The canine said.  I nodded, “Ok come with us we’ll show you where we saw her last! Oh…and what’s your name?” The canine towered above me and for a split second I wasn’t sure if we should trust him, afterall, we knew nothing about him.

“My name is Bernard, I’m Monty’s cousin,” he said as the three of us raced back to the prison. We reached the yard and Simba and I came to a dead stop,”Did you shut the front gate?” Simba asked. “I thought…I…I’m not sure,” I said. A wave of panic washed over me and it felt like a cage full of butterflies had been released in my gut. Before we had any time to think about the situation, Bernard had already burst into the prison.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this!” Simba said and I knew he was right. I entered the prison first with Simba right behind me, “Bernard?” I said. There was no answer. “Bernard?” I said again….silence. We got to the top of the staircase and looked in the room where the human had originally conducted the interview with Henri. There was no sign of the chloroform soaked rag or the small human’s cell phone. What was going on?  THUMP! I looked at Simba and before he could stop me I raced to the back of the prison to where the sound was coming from. The nest door was only open a crack…my breath caught in my throat and my heart started to pound. I peered through the crack in the door but didn’t see anything. I pushed open the door with my nose and was plunged into darkness.

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