Christmas with Cats

December 6, 2017-This is what Christmas is like with cats! I love this commercial because it’s so true; our furry feline friends are so curious and they love to explore things, but this often leads to trouble for us humans! This commercial comes to us from Temptations:)

Chillax…This Isn’t Real…Wish It Was Though…

Ok, so I’m feeling slightly annoyed that I was duped into thinking the LION KING REBORN was actually going to be a real movie. I mean, someone took the time to put together a trailer! And took the time to find footage from Chronicles of Narnia and the Jungle Book and mash it together to make something believable. Be still my heart when I saw the trailer…Lion King was one of my favourite movies ever, and I even named my cat Simba after the main character! I went as far to caption my post, “This is the single greatest day of my life…” Only to find out that it was a fake. Why screw with humanity that way? Anyways, here is a commercial from the makers of Temptations cat treats…the idea is revolutionary but unfortunately, fake. Just wanted to let you know before you got your hopes up like I did with the Lion King:(