Mama Cat Gets Adopted After Watching Her Babies Leave!

July 12, 2017-This is such a wonderful story from our friends at One Green Planet .org.

Read about how a mama cat gets adopted after watching her babies leave…such a heartwarming article!

Seabass’ Diary…Day 143…Hugo

May 8, 2017-I stood there frozen. It was a horrible sight. Simba didn’t tear his eyes away from the monitor, and neither did I, we couldn’t.

“How did he…” I stammered, but the words wouldn’t connect.

“He’s out,” Simba whispered. “I can’t believe that they let him out.”

“Neither can I…not after all he’s done,” I said.

“Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that you two are afraid of this guy?” the dog who was manning the controls said with a smirk.

“It’s nothing to smirk at,” Simba said sternly as he looked at him with disdain, “You don’t know about Hugo.”

“Well, why doesn’t someone enlighten me then?” Dog said. I could see that he was becoming annoyed.

“We must deal with the breach first! There is no time to tell you right now, suit up!” “Sebastien put this on!” Simba said as he threw a bullet proof vest at me as well as a taser and helmet.

“Wait for a…”

“There is no time! PUT IT ON!” Simba shouted, and I did as he said, and so did Dog.

“We’ll have to confront him head on, be aware that he is armed and very dangerous,” Simba said.

“You two will go around the backyard, and I will swoop around the front. Hopefully, we can corner him before he knows what hit him!” Simba said as he pushed his taser into it’s older and tightened the chin strap on his helmet.

“It is time,” he said, and we stepped into the elevator.



Seabass’ Diary…Day 140…Unsure

April 20, 2017- My guts churned as I realized the facts. The tall, thin woman missing from the group meant that she was still at large. I didn’t want to think about her on the loose, lurking around our neighbourhood, waiting for her next opportunity to cause chaos in our seemingly normal lives.

There were so many things I’d have to sort out; the new found power of Simba and what he was really capable of, getting Bernard back to his family, making sure that the prison was secured and not in imminent danger, among a laundry list of other things. I hated feeling this way; so unsure of what was to come and the feeling of not knowing who was really around me.

All of us except the small, stupid human were taken back to the prison in a police car. She was being taken to the hospital because of her injuries. The large, stupid human took Bernard back to Monty’s house where his family was waiting; I watched from the window of the prison as the large, stupid human explained the ordeal to Bernard’s parents. Thankfully they looked shocked and sympathetic and seemed happy that Bernard was safe.

“Sebastien, may I speak to you for a moment?” Simba asked. I half-heartedly turned around and expected a lecture.

“I’m glad we’re all safe, I’m glad that this didn’t turn out as a worst possible scenario,” he continued.

“I’m glad we’re back too,” I paused for a moment and wondered if I should say anything else. Before I got a chance Simba spoke, “There’s something I need to tell you.”

I gave him my full attention and sat in silence at the prospect of what he was about to say. I braced myself and held my breath.

“I’m not who you think I am.”



Seabass’ Diary …Day 137…Struggle

March 20, 2017- (Forgive me for missing last weeks post! I was in London England at the London Book Fair and while it was wonderful, I’m glad to be back home. Without further adieu…)

My heart almost stopped at the sight of her.  She was surrounded by hired henchmen and was fighting with all of her might to free herself but it was no use. The tall, thin human let out a laugh and I wanted to destroy her.

“Oh dear!  Look at the petulant soul, trying to free herself to no avail!” she chirped delightedly. She glanced at us and smiled.

I pulled with all of my strength on my restraints once more but there was no chance of getting free of them. I had a plan and I prayed that it was going to work. I looked at Bernard and saw that he had been muzzled upon capture but luckily they didn’t think to do the same when it came to me. The van pulled up close to the back door and the tall, thin human jumped out and made her way over to the small, stupid human. The small, stupid human writhed in anger as the tall, thin human yanked her head back by her ponytail.

I hated to see her like this and swore revenge on her behalf. I looked at Simba and he looked back at me as if to read my mind. The van doors flung open and one of the henchmen reached for me, the large, stupid human head-butted him and broke his nose in the process! Blood rushed down his face and the henchman fell backward onto the gravel as he clutched his mouth and nose.

“You’ll pay for that!” another one of the henchmen promised.

He lunged at the large, stupid human and wrestled him to the ground. Someone reached for me and I sunk my teeth into their flesh and bit down as hard as I could. I was released with a scream. The henchman swore loudly and tried to stuff me into a duffle bag. I wouldn’t have it and if I had to spend my last minutes on this earth putting up a fight, so be it. Until the bitter end, I was committed to going down swinging.

I managed to roll myself off of the van floor and onto the gravel driveway. I growled and spit with all of my might and I could tell that my captor was afraid. Simba and Bernard followed my lead and did the same.

I looked for the large, stupid human and he was still fighting to get free of his restraints. I could see that the tall, thin human was racing in our direction and her face was twisted with fury.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 136…One Shot

March 6, 2017- My heart dropped in my chest and I thought that I was going to pass out. The tall, thin woman was taking us to the small, stupid human but it didn’t matter because in mere minutes our fates would be sealed.

I looked at Simba; on the outside, he seemed calm and collected but on the inside, I thought he must be feeling the same way that I do. He has a very special relationship with the small, stupid human..she was his rescuer. He was found in a cardboard box abandoned in the pouring rain as a kitten. He wandered out of the box and the large, stupid human spotted him at the corner of the yard. The small, stupid one lured him into her arms and from that moment, they’ve never been separated. It made me want to cry, not just for him but for myself. And what about Bernard? He didn’t ask to be a part of this, he was only trying to help us.

This was my doing. This all happened because of me. At that very second I decided that the large, stupid human was right, this was NOT how it was going to end. I glanced over at the large, stupid human and formulated a plan. It was a long shot but at this point, I was willing to try just about anything. I could tell that the wheels were turning in everyone else’s mind too as I stared into their blank expressions.

If this was going to work I had to be patient…I’d have to wait until we were dragged into the warehouse. The van came to a sudden stop at a gate and then started moving again. I could barely see out the front window but I could tell that we were going around the back of the building. We wheeled around the back of the building and I saw that the building backed onto a huge lake. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a huge freight door that was opened. The small, stupid human was restrained by handcuffs and shackles and duct tape covered her mouth. img_7902

Sniper & Diesel…Wayne Yates’ Story…

I’d like to thank my friend Wayne Yates for sending me his story. It’s such a great one and I know that you will enjoy it immensely. Here is his story in his own words…

When my dad was 10 years old he had a small cat. One particular evening when the entire household was asleep, my dad awoke to the cat crying loudly. He got up and investigated. Smoke billowed into the house…it was on fire! My dad sprang into action and got everyone out safely just minutes before the house went up in smoke! If not for the cat hero, my dad would have perished in the fire.

Around the same time a few days later, my dad had left his cat in a spot where he and the cat often played. After work one day, some of my dad’s work mates finished work and stopped at the house to help my dad salvage what was left from the fire. Awhile after they left, my dad discovered that a car had backed out of the yard and had run over his dear cat. It was a very sad day and it was a day he would never forget.

Even as the years went on and my dad joined the Army, he continued to love cats. He eventually became a Sniper and his nickname was Black Cat because he had the ability to sneak up on people and remain undetected. After his time in the service, he returned home and then I came into the world shortly after.

As I grew up, my dad often drilled me about shooting guns and proper safety. As the years continued to pass, my dad was getting older. While he was on his death bed he told me stories about his service in the Army, his job as a sniper, his nickname black cat and many other things about life.

I’ve spent 23 years truck driving. It’s a tough job but I love it. Some days are great and others are difficult. I constantly fight sleep because of the long hours on the job. When I was home one day, something caught my eye. There, hiding under a dog house in the yard, was a black kitten. I kept him in the house for awhile and he was always sneaking and peeking around. I named him Sniper in memory of my father.

As for Sniper and I, we drove truck all over the country for one year with never a dull moment. These trips were long haul and I would sometimes get weary on the journey. But I knew that I could count on Sniper to be by my side. If I even remotely looked like I was going to go to sleep, that cat would bite the crap out of me! I’m quite sure that he’s saved my life many times and he is my hero. It’s crazy to think that if two heroic cats had never come into mine or my dad’s life 80 years apart…neither of us would be here to tell the story.

I now have 2 cats, Diesel and Sniper of course. Diesel is the grey one and he is as sweet as he looks. Sniper is a veteran trucker with the enormous responsibility of keeping me awake on our journeys.  They’re both very loving cats and I’m so glad they’re mine.

Diesel and Sniper
Sniper on the road

Seabass’Diary…Day 29…The Aftermath

Monty snarled at me and bared his teeth; I had infuriated him and the best part was that he could not reach me under the nest. His massive body excluded him from tiny spaces but I was like liquid; I could seep into any spot and take on its shape…it was just another awesome feature of being me! He yelled at me but we do not speak the same language so I could not understand a thing he was saying. Perhaps this is why our species does not get along.

I imagined that the aftermath of our foot race  was extraordinary, I did not look back to see the destruction but I heard glass drop to the floor…my assault on Monty was just the beginning! I could hear the humans unlocking the front door and waited with anticipation; I could barely contain myself, I wanted to hear them chastise the poor mutt. Monty heard the front door open as well and then something astonishing happened…Monty climbed up onto the nest and pretended to be asleep! How dare he! Why was he not greeting the humans like usual? Normally he shook his entire backside and ran in circles upon their arrival-what was happening?

I froze and waited, surely the stupid humans were not that…well…stupid. A huge gasp was heard down the hall and finally, “MONTY!” was yelled; the word thundered through the house! Boy, was he in for it, I just hoped that I could sneak out and witness the punishment. Monty did not move from his post. He laid on the nest and kept his eyes closed; his name was called again. He ignored the humans request to go to them and that is when I heard the sound urgent footsteps-they were coming for us.

iphone 362


Scout’s Story…get a Kleenex

I recently read an article that said some companies in the United States are offering Pet Bereavement days. I wholeheartedly support this movement and anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a pet knows that it’s like losing a member of your family. A Canadian therapist agrees, she says, “In many cases, an employee can’t perform their best after the loss of a pet. They’re not focused. They’re just not fully there and need the time to grieve in order to be their best self again.” This was me.

We had a tabby cat named Scout who was the spitting image of his dad, Simba. He was born with intussusception, this is when part of the intestine telescopes inside of another one. He had multiple vet visits and was on special prescription food. In one year he must have visited the vet 30 times and that is not an exaggeration.We watched him like a hawk and I knew all of the symptoms of his illness. After a successful surgery and a little while of being symptom free, he suffered a set back, the intussusception returned. One summer morning after spending the night on the floor with Scout, I called my sister at 7 am, he wasn’t eating and seemed like he was sick again. She told me to meet her at the clinic. I assured myself that all he needed was his electrolytes back in order like the last time and that he would be fine. That was not the case…he was dying. I sat on the floor of the clinic in the back room and held him while I cried like a baby. He died in my arms and a part of my heart went with him. He was euthanized because there was NOTHING else we could do for him, the vet said that if we tried another surgery he wouldn’t make it through the anaesthetic. I didn’t want him to suffer and he had been through so much already. This was the hardest thing I had ever done. It was like losing a family member. We had been through SO much together and there were times where I would be up all night checking on him, or sleeping next to him on the floor, silently praying that he would be ok.

Even as I  sit here and write this I start to cry. I miss him like crazy still every single day. He was my boy, my friend, my youngest of the litter. He was a fighter, a trooper and one hell of a tough little guy. I was so devastated after his death that I took 3 days off of work…I really appreciate my boss understanding my grief because essentially, everyone in the office went through it with me. They held their breath when the vet called after Scout’s first surgery, they supported me when I came in a bit late because I had to drop him off before work at the vet, they were there through the hardest of times and were totally supportive. So YES! I agree 100% with companies offering pet bereavement days…it was like a part of me was gone and there was no way that I could’ve functioned at all. I could barely get out of bed as it was my heart was so broken.

Scout now rests in peace on our mantle in the living room where we spend most of our time. We have his photo on the wall with him and his brother Sebastien and his dad Simba watching over him. He still holds a very  special place in our hearts and will remain there always.

Seabass, Scout and Simba