Seabass’ Diary…Day 96…Followed…

August 5, 2016- I cringed at the thought…maybe Simba was right. I muddled it around in my brain for a moment and thought about the odds…probably slim to none.I was quite sure that the tall, thin human was not so elusive that she could avoid capture-afterall, there were dozens of police and a heavy SWAT presence when we were rescued, surely they would have captured her.  Simba laid down in the corner of the animal transportation device and I laid down in the other and we drifted off to sleep. It had been an extremely trying week and we were both exhausted.

We were stirred awake by a gentle swaying motion; we had finally arrived at our destination and were lifted into the prison. When the gate opened on the animal transportation device I bolted out from it…I desperately needed to stretch my legs and use the facilities. I was happy to return to my lair…I had missed the comforts of it. Simba went to his usual post-the stupid human’s nest, and settled in for the night. All was well and I drifted off into slumber once again.

I opened my eyes to blackness. It was so dark that I could barely see a thing. I stretched and yawned and tried to roll over and go back to sleep but it was of no use…there was a faint sound of something coming from the front door. I decided to investigate. I slunk out of bed and took my post on the back of the couch…I looked out into the dark night and blinked hard a few times. The black getaway car was parked in front of the prison! I raced across the room to obtain a better vantage point and there in the glow of the moonlight stood the tall, thin human.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 22…

April 19, 2016- I sat in the corner of the room and seethed with anger. How dare the small, stupid human allow entry to this filthy mongrel? She was a terrible human and a terrible warden at that; alas, I would not stand for it.

Simbicile and Monty were in the food room bonding over bowls of feed, it seemed as though they had been old friends for years. Wait a minute…could it be that Simbicile asked for the prisoner to be transferred here so that he would have an ally against me? I sunk my claws into the leather sofa and shredded the corner of it while I thought. I was becoming more and more paranoid but for good reason.

My observation continued and I watched as Simbicile purred and rubbed his face against the hound…what a jerk! At that moment my hatred for the both of them became white hot and I knew that I needed to do something before I exploded in anger. I jumped onto the counter above where they were feasting and surveyed the situation; a cleaver, a bottle of wine and a pan of  roasted chicken taunted me. I licked the chicken for a moment to steady my nerves when suddenly I heard footsteps in the stairway. I had to act quickly! I shoved the pan of chicken off of the counter and it hit the filthy animal square on the top of the head-SUCCESS!

I imagine that if this were a cartoon, a halo of stars would adorn him after such a blow! Monty and Simbicile looked at the chicken and started to feast, they licked at the juices and joyously feasted. Monty dragged the chicken across the food room floor and onto the living room carpet where he laid comfortably in front of the fireplace. I quickly jumped off the counter and sped down the hallway to my hiding place, I would miss the action but I would not implicate myself in the crime this way. When I was safely tucked away I heard the small, stupid human shout, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” My plan was starting to come together!

I happily relinquished my spot in order to implicate Monty in a crime…

Seabass’ Diary…Day 18…

April 15, 2016- I was ready for the human’s arrival she would be here in a moment and would bear witness to the destruction that I had caused. She should’nt have crossed me, she was getting exactly what she deserved!

The small, stupid human entered the food room and cupped her hand over her mouth; her eyes were wide with anger. She sank to the floor and this seemed to bother Simbicile quite a lot; he tried to comfort her but I could tell she was weary…good, it meant that I was breaking her down and before long I would assume control over the entire prison. I jumped down from the counter into the middle of the mess and somehow this enraged Simbicile; he flew at me and tackled me to the ground.

I laid on my back and kicked him in the face, he gnashed at my jugular and the potting soil from the plant covered our coats and spread further across the floor. Our bodies were entangled and we looked like a tumbleweed of fur; I bit down as hard as I could on Simbicile’s throat and he howled out in pain! The small, stupid human broke up our violent struggle, we fled to the basement and went our separate ways to lick our wounds and to restore our pride.

I could hear the small, stupid one clean up the mess that I had made and all of the sudden it was if a light bulb went off in my mind. I knew exactly how to acquire my revenge on Simbicile for his blatant betrayal…I had forgotten all about this! There was one thing that he was deathly afraid of, so afraid that he would cower in terror and retreat to his hiding place…and I was definitely going to use it against him.

Get ready for revenge!


Seabass’ Diary…Day 15…

April 12, 2016-I had come up with the perfect plan to eliminate Simbicile! If I could pat myself on the back I would because I deserved it for being so clever. I emerged from my hiding spot and went to spend some time stalking my prey. I would have to know his habits, his daily routine as it were, in order to make the most of my revenge.

Simbicile was laying in a puddle of sunlight in the living room and was snoring ever so slightly .It looked like The Sunbeam had claimed yet another victim. I snickered to myself as I surveyed the fat cat…He was so pudgy and round, this would be easier than I thought! He lifted his head ever so slightly to canvass the room around him but alas, he could not detect me. I was a mere figment of his imagination. He groomed himself for a moment and it looked to me as if he was made of butter or had no bones…he was just a pile of fluff, a pillow with legs.

Part one of my plan was about to be executed and oh how glorious it would be! I raced to the eating room table and pulled down the cloth that was covering it, objects crashed to the floor with a thunderous smash! There was a container holding foliage that tipped over and caused water to splash all over the floor. What a glorious mess! Simbicile came rushing over to see what all the commotion was about, his eyes looked as big as saucers! I laid in wait; I had an excellent vantage point on top of a chair cushion that was securely pushed under the table. I would be invisible to anyone who entered the room. Simbicile waddled over to the foliage that was strewn all over the floor and started to crunch on some leaves…I must admit they are delicious and he could clearly use more greens in his diet.

The small, stupid human entered the room and let out a shriek! She looked at Simbicile who was on top of the rubble and scooped him up. She shook her head in disbelief then wagged her wretched finger at him and said he was a “naughty kitty!” She put him in the shoe room and shut the door-he whined in anger and I could make out some of the things he was calling me. I laughed maniacally and changed positions to make it look like I had just emerged from my lair when the small, stupid human returned to the mess. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow as she said, “I expected this from you but not him!” Excellent. My plan was working perfectly. She cleaned up the mess which seemed to take forever and I weaved in and out of her legs, all while brushing up against her. I know…it took every fibre of my being not to lash out at her and destroy her but this was all part of my plan. She scooped me up and said, “I’m sorry I thought it was you!” I vomited ever so slightly in my mouth…oh how I hated her. Simbicile could still be heard yelling from the shoe room at the top of his voice. The small, stupid human was still restraining me and we walked over to the closed door. She opened it and there stood Simbicile with a shocked look on his face…he could not believe what was happening. The small stupid human was carrying me instead of him? How could this be? His face clearly asked. I smiled an evil smile at him from atop the small, stupid human’s shoulder…my plan was working…the golden feline had fallen from grace and his fall would be a long one.

Completely unsuspecting…

Seabass’ Diary…Day 3

March 30, 2016-Last night the large human had ham. It was agony to watch him eat it..he taunted me with every delicious bite but be sure I will exact my revenge. While the humans weren’t looking I formulated an ingenious but dangerous plan…I would steal the ham off the counter. I steadied myself on the counter and made the 20 foot leap across the room, I landed on target and pushed the plate onto the floor. Success!..but only for a moment. The small human came rushing in and pulled me away from my feast. She continues to mistreat me.

I awoke to the grasp of the small human. She and the large human have a very comfortable nest so I try to take up as much space as possible. I suppose there is a trade-off for my comfort…I must let her touch me but I insist on biting her hand every time to remind her of my power.  I vomited my breakfast on the carpet to show her my dissatisfaction with the menu that never varies…I also think that she is trying to poison me. I watch her scrub the carpet and while she is doing this I climb onto her back to get a better vantage point and to look for a possible escape route. My father Simba and I are served small, dry nuggets each morning at varying times due to the small human’s laziness. I’ve retreated to my lair because I know that the humans will not be able to reach me on the highest shelf of the laundry room. There is a window and sometimes a squirrel that I watch…oh if only I were free like him to frolic in the afternoon breeze…his very being reminds me of my oppression. I hate him. Today I shall try and sleep away the horror of this place and escape into my dreams of a better life.

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The deplorable conditions of my current lodgings…look away.