Did Your Pet’s Name Make the List?

December 13, 2017- This article comes to us from our friends at the Daily Mail. Can you guess which pet name took top spot for 2017? Simba was on the list, but it’s not number one:( I guess I’m just ahead of the times:) Click on the link below for some great ideas and also to find out which name for pets was most popular!


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Seabass’ Diary…Day 76…Chase…

July 7, 2016-Henri carried Edgardo like a football and sprinted to the moving get away car. The police sirens were getting louder and I knew that I had one chance to get to Simba. I climbed down the ladder at break neck speed and waited for a beat while a police car raced around the corner of the museum. I had one shot to do this right or else…I climbed a cement fitting around a lamp post and counted down, 3, 2, 1! I leaped from the post and landed on the roof of the police car. I held on for dear life as we sped towards the weaving car, gaining on it with every passing second.

My arms were beginning to get tired from gripping the roof and I feared that I couldn’t hang on for much longer. The black get-away car weaved on and off of the road as it tried to lose us but the officer in our car was quite skilled at driving with accuracy at such high speeds. I hoped the tall, thin human would be stupid enough to lead the police to the pet hotel…in fact, I was praying that she was because if she didn’t, our plan would fail and the animals and Simba would remain as hostages.

The black car sped off road through a field and back onto the main road that led to the hotel! I could see the hotel from the roof and in less than 3 minutes we would be there. I prayed that the animals I had entrusted with Simba’s life had executed the plan we had put together without incident. The black car finally came to a screeching halt in front of the hotel and the tall, thin human, Edgardo and Henri jumped out and ran towards the doorway. The police car was only seconds behind;the officers jumped out and drew their weapons, “Put your hands where I can see them!” one officer shouted at the humans. I ran to the back of the pet hotel and saw the broken window…our plan had worked; I was sure Simba was safe.


Cat Care…Pills

Sometimes in a cat’s life they will be required to take medication in pill form. Sometimes cats will happily take medications…most of the time, they think you’re trying to poison them. Administering pills requires patience and determination, and these two things are so important when we need our pets to take medication.


  1. Wrap your cat in a towel and sit on the floor with the cat between your legs.
  2. Place your dominant hand around kitty’s head so that your fingers are under their cheekbone.
  3. Tip the cat’s head back and their lower jaw should open.
  4. Using your middle finger, ease their jaw down and place the pill near the back of their tongue.
  5. Release your pet’s head and stroke their throat to encourage swallowing. This is important because they often will just spit the pill out.
  6. Stroke your cat and reward them with extra love and cuddles.

Follow these steps for success and kitty will be back to health in no time!

Kittens wrapped in a towel…

Scout’s Story…get a Kleenex

I recently read an article that said some companies in the United States are offering Pet Bereavement days. I wholeheartedly support this movement and anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a pet knows that it’s like losing a member of your family. A Canadian therapist agrees, she says, “In many cases, an employee can’t perform their best after the loss of a pet. They’re not focused. They’re just not fully there and need the time to grieve in order to be their best self again.” This was me.

We had a tabby cat named Scout who was the spitting image of his dad, Simba. He was born with intussusception, this is when part of the intestine telescopes inside of another one. He had multiple vet visits and was on special prescription food. In one year he must have visited the vet 30 times and that is not an exaggeration.We watched him like a hawk and I knew all of the symptoms of his illness. After a successful surgery and a little while of being symptom free, he suffered a set back, the intussusception returned. One summer morning after spending the night on the floor with Scout, I called my sister at 7 am, he wasn’t eating and seemed like he was sick again. She told me to meet her at the clinic. I assured myself that all he needed was his electrolytes back in order like the last time and that he would be fine. That was not the case…he was dying. I sat on the floor of the clinic in the back room and held him while I cried like a baby. He died in my arms and a part of my heart went with him. He was euthanized because there was NOTHING else we could do for him, the vet said that if we tried another surgery he wouldn’t make it through the anaesthetic. I didn’t want him to suffer and he had been through so much already. This was the hardest thing I had ever done. It was like losing a family member. We had been through SO much together and there were times where I would be up all night checking on him, or sleeping next to him on the floor, silently praying that he would be ok.

Even as I  sit here and write this I start to cry. I miss him like crazy still every single day. He was my boy, my friend, my youngest of the litter. He was a fighter, a trooper and one hell of a tough little guy. I was so devastated after his death that I took 3 days off of work…I really appreciate my boss understanding my grief because essentially, everyone in the office went through it with me. They held their breath when the vet called after Scout’s first surgery, they supported me when I came in a bit late because I had to drop him off before work at the vet, they were there through the hardest of times and were totally supportive. So YES! I agree 100% with companies offering pet bereavement days…it was like a part of me was gone and there was no way that I could’ve functioned at all. I could barely get out of bed as it was my heart was so broken.

Scout now rests in peace on our mantle in the living room where we spend most of our time. We have his photo on the wall with him and his brother Sebastien and his dad Simba watching over him. He still holds a very  special place in our hearts and will remain there always.

Seabass, Scout and Simba

Crazy Cat Lady…

There are a lot of things that I’ve been called in my life but I don’t take offence when someone chuckles and says, “You’re a crazy cat lady!” I suppose it’s because I know they’re right! I’ve loved cats from a young age and have loved so many over the years. I currently have two male cats named Simba and Sebastieno, we call him Seabass for short. Simba is a tabby and Seabass is a Maine Coon mixed. They are the second loves of my life. So you’re probably wondering what the criteria is for officially becoming a crazy cat lady or man… Here it is! To be a crazy cat person you must:

  • love cats
  • talk to cats in a special language that you’ve made up
  • have 1 or more cats
  • own cat hair covered clothing and wear it
  • attend cat shows
  • feed stray cats and pet them when your husband or wife isn’t looking (yes, you can be married to another human and still be a crazy cat person)
  • pet/cuddle cats that belong to other people
  • play with cats when you attend dinner parties at people’s homes that have cats
  • feed your cats before you feed yourself
  • throw parties for your cats or neighbourhood cats if you don’t have your own
  • suffer through allergies of cats
  • tweet, blog, and instagram about cats
  • rock your cat to sleep like a human baby
  • sing to your cat or dance in front of your cat
  • buy or make your cat insane things like a custom seven level cat tree house
  • talk about cats to everyone
  • ask people if they love cats
  • draw cats
  • write about cats
  • describe cats as “Stunning” or “Majestic”

and this is the short list. I’ve ticked off every single thing on this list which allows me to become part of a very special club…The Crazy Cat Lady (or man) Club! I hope you’ll join me:) Stay tuned for more pics, posts, and advice. XO

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He sleeps like an angel of love…Simba