Cat’s out of the bag: Calgary airport adds feline friends to pet therapy program

January 16, 2018- Yay Calgary! This is exciting news! This may just be the purr-fect antidote to stress:) Click on the link below to read the full article from our friends at Global News.

Cat’s out of the bag: Calgary airport adds feline friends to pet therapy program


You CAN Teach Your Cat Tricks!

November 20, 2017-Well who would have thought? I did! I knew that this was possible because I’ve done it! I have one cat that comes when called and another one who simply flips me the middle finger and runs off in the opposite direction…guess which one I’m referring to:(

Click on the link below to find out how you can teach your cat to come to you when called! From our friends at

You can teach your cat to come to you when called

Guess I Need to Head Back to London!

October 25, 2017- Well this is exciting! This article from our friends at Metro UK will tell you why I just might have to book the next flight back to London! This definitely sounds too good to miss:)  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the UK and can’t wait to go back-I think I might have to convince someone first!

Listen up right meow: A cat festival is coming to London

Listen up right meow: A cat festival is coming to London

Happy National Feral Cat Day, Friends!

October 16, 2017- Happy National Feral Cat Day! What an amazing day to celebrate all of the furry felines in our lives and all of those who still need homes. To celebrate the spirit of today, why not go to a shelter and give a loving cat their forever home and remember that there are always senior cats available with so much love to give!

Also, read the link below on how to help feral cats in your neighbourhood now and into the winter months. Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets:)



Woman Leaves $300,000 to Her Cats!

August 30, 2017-This is an interesting story and is definitely not the first of its kind! Read on to find out more about the New York woman who left a lot of dough to her feline babies.  I wonder how many of my cat-loving friends will have their cat’s named in their will? Click on the link below from our friends at NDTV.COM, and let me know your thoughts!

Woman Leaves $300,000 To Her Cats. They Were 'Like Her Babies'

Meet Trubs and Jade…

August 19, 2017- Wow-this is a story that certainly pulls at the heartstrings. Meet Trubs (Double Trouble) and Jade, a beautiful pair of unlikely friends.–year-old-girl-form-uncommon-bond/article_ab0a209c-8a2d-5314-8eb1-6212a57517d9.html

Jade and Trubs

Tell Tail Signs of What your Cat is Thinking!

June 21, 2017-Wow! This is a really cool article by our friends at They explain how us humans can get a little bit closer to finding out what our furry feline friends are thinking, just by watching their tails! Click on the link below and be sure to tell me what you think in the comments.

KittyCatCon is Coming To Toronto!…

Hi Friends,

We’ve all heard of ComiCon, a multigenre entertainment and comic convention where comic lovers come together to celebrate pop culture. Well…I’m SUPER excited to share this brand new event…drumroll please! KITTYCATCON is coming to Toronto!

KITTYCATCON is happening on April 8th and 9th at the Warehouse Venue at Downsview Park. I’ve personally inquired the organizer to see if The Kitty Cat Clan/Panda the Very Bad Cat could participate and will definitely post more details to follow!

There isn’t a whole lot of info on this event yet but as soon as I get more details, I’ll let you know!

Chillax…This Isn’t Real…Wish It Was Though…

Ok, so I’m feeling slightly annoyed that I was duped into thinking the LION KING REBORN was actually going to be a real movie. I mean, someone took the time to put together a trailer! And took the time to find footage from Chronicles of Narnia and the Jungle Book and mash it together to make something believable. Be still my heart when I saw the trailer…Lion King was one of my favourite movies ever, and I even named my cat Simba after the main character! I went as far to caption my post, “This is the single greatest day of my life…” Only to find out that it was a fake. Why screw with humanity that way? Anyways, here is a commercial from the makers of Temptations cat treats…the idea is revolutionary but unfortunately, fake. Just wanted to let you know before you got your hopes up like I did with the Lion King:(

Cats With Careers!

I absolutely love this article from the Virginia Gazette! The article follows Spike to his job at Jamestown Feed and Seed where he earns his keep by being an integral part of the team. His job? To seek and destroy rodents…all while wearing a glamorous tuxedo. Read his wonderful story below.