This Hotel Has Gone To Cats!

November 2, 2017- This story comes to us straight from the Big Apple! Click on the link below to read about a hotel with famous feline mascots from our friends at, and I think that we all agree that every hotel should have a kitty mascot!

Hamlet VII Algonquin Hotel cat

Woman Leaves $300,000 to Her Cats!

August 30, 2017-This is an interesting story and is definitely not the first of its kind! Read on to find out more about the New York woman who left a lot of dough to her feline babies.  I wonder how many of my cat-loving friends will have their cat’s named in their will? Click on the link below from our friends at NDTV.COM, and let me know your thoughts!

Woman Leaves $300,000 To Her Cats. They Were 'Like Her Babies'