Seabass’ Diary…Day 168…It’s Not What You Think…

December 11, 2017- “Shhhh! There it is again!” I whispered. Simba and I waited in silence to hear the meowing one last time before moving in.

“Are you positive you heard it? Because I’m not sure-I think my mind is playing tricks on me,” Simba asked.

“I’m positive,” I answered, “It’s coming from that direction.” I motioned for Simba to follow me.

We crept down the hallway, past a few closed bedroom doors and a bathroom until the sound of meowing was undeniable.

“There. It’s coming from inside that room!” Simba whispered. I held my breath for a second and tried to think of the best way to execute an unthought of exit-strategy, but before I had my wits about me, Simba had vanished into the darkness.

“Simba!” I hissed, “Wait! It’s too dangerous for you to go in alone!” But there was no answer to my pleas. I tried to keep myself as close to the floor as possible as not to be noticed in case someone came out of the darkness and spotted me.

The meowing was getting louder, and I knew that in a few steps that I would come face to face with the animal. I would have to convince it to come with me, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that at this point. All I knew was that I needed to get out of this house with Simba and the animal in tow.

I took one step, then another and turned the corner. What I saw next made my guts lurch forward, and my voice catch in my throat.

iphone oct 2015 055

Chillax…This Isn’t Real…Wish It Was Though…

Ok, so I’m feeling slightly annoyed that I was duped into thinking the LION KING REBORN was actually going to be a real movie. I mean, someone took the time to put together a trailer! And took the time to find footage from Chronicles of Narnia and the Jungle Book and mash it together to make something believable. Be still my heart when I saw the trailer…Lion King was one of my favourite movies ever, and I even named my cat Simba after the main character! I went as far to caption my post, “This is the single greatest day of my life…” Only to find out that it was a fake. Why screw with humanity that way? Anyways, here is a commercial from the makers of Temptations cat treats…the idea is revolutionary but unfortunately, fake. Just wanted to let you know before you got your hopes up like I did with the Lion King:(