5 Ways…from Modern Cat Magazine

December 14, 2017-Such a great article from our friends at Modern Cat Magazine that talks about helping semi-feral cats adjust to domestication. Tons of tips, just click on the article below:


Maine Coon, Black And White Cat, Cat, Longhair Cat

I Knew it!…Sort of!

October 26, 2017-This is incredibly cool!  Have you ever wondered how closely related your tabby cat is with his ancestors? I certainly have after watching some interesting behaviour of my own kitties. Now, ancient DNA connects Sabre-toothed tigers and house cats, it’s finally official. Check out the article below from our friends at Inverse.com


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Autistic Artist and And Her Therapy Cat..

Thank you to my friend Alan for sending me this beautiful story. X

Heartwarming Friendship Of A 5-Year-Old Girl With Autism And Her Therapy Cat

Seabass’ Diary…Day 35…What is a Marriage?..

May 5, 2016-It was finally time for the hell hound to go home. I had been consumed by taking over Simba’s plan that I left the poor mutt alone for his duration at the prison. A bit of regret washed over me that I had not made his stay more unbearable.

His stupid humans collected him and the transfer was complete. I was glad to see him leave, there were other things that needed my immediate attention. I had much work to do with getting ready for the hostile takeover; I needed to gather supplies and I also needed to draw a map. This would be particularly difficult because I do not have opposable thumbs but nonetheless I would manage somehow. This evening would be the perfect opportunity to venture out into freedom! I would survey the outdoor compound for clues about Simba’s plan. Hopefully there was some sort of directions to the place, I could take a picture of it in my mind’s eye to be more prepared for the actual event and then I would transfer the image to paper and work from a set of plans. This had to be perfect.

The warden and the large, stupid human were out at their jobs, I assumed that they were gathering monies to buy feed for us …they must not be paid much because the food here is bland and tasteless. I went to the basement and climbed onto the shelf, I entered the secret corridor and retraced my steps from the evening before. I reached the end but there was no light-only slivers…had I gone in the wrong direction? I could not seem to get my bearings, I felt around in the darkness and suddenly brushed up against something with my foot. I picked it up and carried it back down the corridor to the shelf; I sat down still puzzled at the barrier that now stood between freedom and me.

I looked at the paperwork that I had collected and this is how it read, “Celebrate our marriage with us! Black tie reception to be held at…” I needed to find out what a marriage was, but one thing I did know, was that this was what Simba had named, Operation Luigi and that I was thankful that I owned a black tie.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 30…Outwitted for now

April 28, 2016-The footsteps drew nearer and I held my breath in anticipation. The lights flicked on and there stood both of the stupid humans.They looked at the nest and then at each other, the look on their faces told me that they were astounded with the vision in front of them.

The small, stupid human slowly approached the nest and paused. She looked at the sleeping mongrel and he opened his eyes. Monty gave her the saddest look I’ve ever seen, it was so sad that it was pathetic actually. This would never work on the small, stupid human even if she was a total idiot-she would see through his thinly veiled plan and punish him at any moment…I waited.

She sat down on the nest with him and stroked his coat gently. He lifted his head and nudged her, she embraced him and he gave her a disgusting, slobbery kiss. WHAT WAS HAPPENING?! My jaw hung open with amazement. Had I been outsmarted by a lesser species? No, this could not be possible! My eyes darted to the doorway and the large, stupid human was gone. I emerged from my hiding place and like a ninja, I crept into the doorway of the livingroom to see what he was doing; the large, stupid human was cleaning up the mess! He swept up the shattered glass and put the room back in order in complete silence.

The small, stupid human entered the living room with the mutt.She looked around for a moment as she surveyed the damage, she finally said quietly, “So what do you think happened here?” The large, stupid human turned to her and said, “Seabass happened…I have no doubt.”

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Seabass’ Diary…Day 28…A Veil Has Been Lifted

April 26, 2016-I retreated to my lair and tried to push Stephanie out of my mind. I tossed and turned throughout the night and images of her unfaithfulness kept me awake. My heart grew more cold with every passing hour. I finally decided what I would do; I would purge her from my thoughts by keeping myself occupied. I would rise from the ashes once again like a mighty Phoenix. I would make myself so busy causing chaos that I would be too tired to think of her when the night came. I grabbed my notebook and began writing furiously. I scribble the words OPERATION MONTY at the top of the page.

The next morning I awoke and felt much better than I had the night before. I would not let ANYONE get me down; for a split second yesterday I let someone take away my power, I let her get inside of my head and distort my reality…this would never happen again. I would never allow someone to make me feel less than the magnificent beast that I truly am! Victory would once again be mine!

I emerged from my lair and carefully searched for Monty. I did not want him to know about the unfortunate fate that was soon to befall him. There he sat, drool hung from his bottom lip, and a stupid look covered his face. I’m not really sure if he had any other look to be honest. The filthy beggar. I crept up the staircase, Simbicile was sleeping and I tiptoed over him with out waking him…success. Monty was staring at the wall…sigh…yes the wall, I snuck up behind him and acquired my target; I chomped down as hard as I could on his tail and fled at full speed from the living room. He howled in pain and like a bull in a china shop he smashed into a large cabinet. The sheer force of his body knocked over many valuable glass items inside and they shattered into thousands of tiny pieces! He skidded down the hallway and our high speed chase had only begun! I slid into my hiding place and avoided the gnashing of his jaws. I felt exhilarated and happy to be back!

He’s baaackkk!