Seabass’ Diary…Day 144 …Fortune Favours the Bold

May 15, 2017- I felt like I was going to be sick to my stomach. Hugo just wasn’t any enemy; he was the most hated and most feared adversary that Simba and I had ever encountered.

Hugo was right up there with the tall, thin woman, Edgardo, and Vacuum (pronounced VA KOOM) when it came to listing our biggest fears. Well, I should mention that I am not afraid of Vacuum, Simba is. But I will readily admit that I am afraid of the other things.

We reached the top of the platform, and the elevator doors opened. We stepped out into the light and Simba gave us the signal. Dog and I would go around to the backyard and Simba would go around the front. This was a horrible plan in my opinion because the only thing Hugo hated more than us, was being cornered.

I was on high alert. My heart was racing, and my head was pounding, and I could hear the blood rush through my ears. I looked at Dog. He had no idea what we were in for if we lost this battle. We would have to ensure that this take-over went according to plan or we would pay for it dearly, possibly even with our lives.

I scanned the yard and motioned Dog to go to the West corner of the backyard while I took the East. I was thankful that he understood hand signals and I would have to ask him how he got wrapped up in this kind of life.

“SNAP.” I heard the breaking of a branch behind me and my breath caught in my throat. I slowly turned around and prayed that it was nothing. The reflection of the moon dripped over the image that enveloped me in its shadow; It was Hugo, and all I could see were his glistening white fangs.

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How Old is Your Cat?

Most of us know that dogs age 7 years faster than humans but what about cats? Today we’ll be taking about the life stages of cats, the age of cats and the human equivalent. Follow the graph below to see the age of your cat!

Life Stage of Cat Age of Cat Human Equivalent
Kitten (birth to 6 mos) 0-1 month 0-1 year
  2-3 months 2-4 years
  4 months 6-8 years
  6 months 10 years
Junior (7mos to 2 years) 7 months 12 years
  12 months 15 years
  18 months 21 years
Life Stage of Cat Age of Cat Human Equivalent
Junior (7 mos to 2 years) 2 years 24 years
Prime (3-6 years) 3 years 28
  4 32
  5 36
  6 40
Mature (7-10 years)  7 44
  8 48
Life Stage of Cat Age of Cat Human Equivalent
  9 52
  10 56
Senior (11-14 years) 11 60
  12 64
  13 68
  14 72
Geriatric (15 years+) 15 76
Life Stage of Cat Age of Cat Human Equivalent
  16 80
  17 84
  18 88
Geriatric (15 years+) 19 92
  20 96
  21 100
  22 104