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August 22, 2017- I’m really excited to tell you that I’ll be interviewing Tracy Dion from! Tracy is a writer, blogger, and feline care and behaviour coach who currently resides in Massachusetts. She has served in the United States Army and is a member of many prestigious organizations including the AABP, CWA, and The Association for Truth in Pet Food.

She is a respected expert in her field and her mission is to help us be the best cat parents we can be. She focuses on nutrition, food, behaviour, psychology, and cat care and health.

Next week, I’ll have the opportunity to ask Tracy your most burning, cat related queries so be sure to send me your questions!

I look forward to your comments, and I can’t wait to see what Tracy has to say about my own cats’ behaviour:)  Check out her blog at



Interview With Our Newest Author Tamara Botting!…

April 17, 2017- I would sincerely like to welcome new author Tamara Botting to our team at Pandamonium Publishing House. She brings with her not only a wonderful story of magic, adventure, and friendship through her book Unfrogged which is slated for release on July 1, 2017, but also an extensive writing and interviewing background. We are so happy to have her aboard, and I can’t wait for you guys to read her book! And here’s a fun fact, her brother, Christopher Botting is the illustrator of Unfrogged; it’s pretty cool to see a brother and sister team up on this one! Let’s see what she had to say about becoming an author.

Lacey: Why did you decide to become an author?

Tamara: I knew pretty early on, probably Grade 2 or 3, that I wanted to write for a living. I did a co-op at a community newspaper in high school, and after I graduated from university, I called the editor to ask for a reference. He offered me a job instead, which I gratefully took. I’ve been there ever since.

It was years later, through my job as a community newspaper reporter, that I connected with Lacey Bakker and Pandamonium Publishing (actually, re-connected, because we went to high school together).

I guess the moral of my story is, work hard and be nice to people in your youth because you never know how it will affect your life as an adult! (laughs)

Lacey:  How long have you been writing for?

Tamara: Since I’ve known that I wanted to write for most of my life, I’ve pretty much always been making up stories. Over the past decade, I’ve been very blessed in that I’ve gotten to write and pay my bills with my job at the newspaper.

Lacey: What is your favourite book now and your favourite book when you were a child?

Tamara: I’ve always been an avid reader, so it’s kind of hard to limit myself to just a few books!

Except for Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice, both of which I discovered in high school, these are a few of the books that I read as a kid and still love today: Virgil Nosegay and the Wellington Boots, Robert the Rose Horse, Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Little Women.

Lacey: Tell us about Unfrogged and where you got your idea for the story from.

Tamara: I wrote Unfrogged probably about ten years ago, if not longer. As I recall, I did it kind of as a writing exercise. I’ve always loved fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast and the Frog Prince being among my favourites. Since I didn’t think I could bring anything new or different to the story of Beauty and the Beast that hadn’t already been done before, I decided to write a novelization of Frog Prince.

Even though I love fairy tales, I always did find them a bit annoying on some parts, in particular, that the princesses always seemed to be so perfect, and that the romance generally springs up out of nowhere. I wanted my version to be more realistic; I hope I’ve achieved that.

In my story, the princess, Meredith, is very much a fish out of water. She’s living with her aunt and uncle, the queen and king because her parents have passed on. Her father was the kingdom’s second-born prince, so Meredith had never been expected to act like a princess before. Add to that the fact that she’s very clumsy and withdrawn. When she meets Frog, they become very close friends, and he encourages her to come out of her shell more.

Lacey:  Is there a particular character that you relate to the most in Unfrogged?

Tamara: Frog’s sarcasm is all me, unfortunately. (laughs) Also, I’d say I’m a lot like Meredith at the start of the book, because she’s such a hot mess; something I definitely relate to! (laughs).

Meredith at the end of the book is more who I’d like to be: someone who’s confident, using her unique talents and abilities to help others, and not letting fear stop her from doing what she knows she should do.
Lacey:  Anything else you want to tell us?

Tamara: A story that has always resonated with me is the one about a man watching a young boy walking along the beach, throwing starfish that have washed up on shore back into the ocean.

The man goes up to the boy and tells him that he’s wasting his time; there’s no way he can save all the starfish. What he’s doing isn’t going to make any difference in the grand scheme of things.

The boy bends down, picks up another starfish, and throws it back into the ocean.

“Made a difference for that one,” he says.

One of the messages that I hope people take away from this book is that we all have special talents and abilities. You are the only person who can make your unique contribution to the world. So use your gifts to serve others, to make this world a kinder place. Even if you have to do it one day, one person, at a time.


Panda Is In The News! Check This Out!

A huge thank you to Tamara Botting of the Sachem for interviewing me and writing such a great article! Thanks Tamara!


Interview With Hannah…

Hannah was the first prize winner of our contest that we held a few weeks ago! Congratulations Hannah and as promised, the first prize winner would be interviewed! She will also be a guest blogger on the site in the next few weeks and I’m excited to hear what she has to say. We will also be posting the video she sent in that made her win!

The interview was conducted via Skype on June 22, 2016

L=Lacey H=Hannah

L: “Thank you so much for being a reader of the kitty cat clan! Tell us a bit about yourself.”

H: “Thanks for picking me! I’m excited to be featured on the site! I’m from Brisbane Australia, I love cats and always have and I am a student at U of Queensland…I’m studying Agribusiness and sustainable agriculture.”

L: “That sounds really interesting!”

H:”It is!”

L: “Did you have a cat growing up?”

H: “No-unfortunately I’m highly allergic but I wish I did!”

L: “The video you sent in was hilarious-do you spend a lot of your downtime googling cat videos?”

H:”YES! And reading things other than textbooks…like Seabass’ Diary!”

L: “That’s so awesome! Thank you for that-we appreciate you as a reader! What do you like best about Seabass?”

H: “I really like his confidence and the way that he sees himself…and how he’s always getting into trouble!” “What I like most is that he has a big heart at the core…and that he usually tries to do the right thing…or at least he thinks he’s doing the right thing.”

L: “What’s been your favourite entry so far?”

H: “That’s a tough one…I’ve really enjoyed all of the entries but if I had to pick just one…definitely the one where they crash the wedding and steal the catering truck!”

L: “Good choice! Definitely a fan favourite! Are you excited to guest blog on the kitty cat clan? Can you give us a hint about what you want to blog about?”

H:”So excited! I’ve always been fascinated by animal behaviour, myths about cats over the centuries, and why cats do the things they do…they’re odd, furry little creatures that seem like they’re hiding something…I think that they think they’re smarter than us and that’s possible! I mean could you imagine? Cats have superiority complexes and they truly believe that they are better than us..I just find it hilarious-I like how confident they are in themselves!” “Maybe I’ll blog about a couple of really cool colonies around the world that are inhabited by cats…there’s a fascinating one in Rome!”

L: “That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read all about it and I’m so pumped that you’re excited to guest blog! Are you nervous about being a character?”

H:”No! Not at all! I’m super excited!”

L:”What kind of character do you want to be written as? A hero? A villain?  An animal?”

H:”Oh my gosh…that’s totally up to you! I really have no preference!”

L: “Don’t worry! Seabass will make you memorable I’m sure of it!”

H:”I have no doubt! Come to think of it…maybe a love interest would be nice…someone the opposite of Stephanie!”

L: “You got it! I’ll be sure to pass that along to him! Thanks so much for joining me today and I can absolutely say that I can’t wait for you to guest blog, I’m looking forward to it and so are our readers!”

H: “Thank you so much!”









Interview With a Mad Man…Seabass

Seabass has been receiving a lot of fan mail as of late so he’s decided to answer his  reader’s most burning questions. Simba sat down with the evil genius to find out exactly what he’s all about.

Simba: “You have a lot of fans, you realize that yes?”

Seabass: Smiles, “I know, from what I understand they reach as far as Russia!”

Simba: Raises an eyebrow, “Let’s get started, first question, are you ready?”

Seabass: “I was born ready.”

Simba:”What is your favourite band?”

Seabass: “Black Sabbath…I feel a particular closeness to Ozzy Osbourne, after all, he is named the Prince of Darkness and that resonates with me…Also I’ve also bitten the head off of a live bat once or twice in my lifetime, so we have that in common.”

Simba: Shakes his head in disbelief, “What is your favourite Song?”
Seabass: “Highway to Hell, this song makes me nostalgic for home…”

Simba: “Okay…then..yes..what is your favourite colour?”

Seabass: “Black…because it’s the colour of my soul.”

Simba: Just stares at Seabass…”Oh dear…moving on, What are your special skills?”

Seabass:”I am an ex mercenary, with a third degree black belt and have extensive training in negotiating, hostage situations (in terms of taking hostages) and sniping. My stalking skills are unmatched…I’m a finely tuned killing machine.”  Does not break eye contact with Simba.

Simba:”Oh…My…Uh..” (Shudders and shuffles papers uncomfortably..)

Seabass: “Next question…” (Slams his fist on the table)

Simba:”Uhh…Ok…Uh..What do you do in your free time?” nervously asks.

Seabass: “Wow!” Cracks his knuckles, “Ok so when you try and take over the world you don’t have a lot of free time ya know?…(smiles and laughs maniacally) I do have quite a lot of fun torturing stupid humans though, it brings a lot of brightness to my day!”

Simba: Shifts his weight, won’t make eye contact, “That’s sick.” whisper tone.

Seabass: “What did you say?” eyes gleaming with anger.

Simba: “Umm, nothing, I didn’t say…” trails off.

Seabass: Stands up and narrows his eyes at Simba, “I heard what you said, be a man and say it to my face!”

Simba: Starts shaking, “I didn’t…”

Seabass: Flips the table over and walks out, “This interview is over! Go F%$# yourself!”

Simba: Looks at the mess incredulously, keeps his composure, “Thank you for joining us…an interview with a mad man indeed.”