Seabass’ Diary…Day 27…Heartbreak

April 24, 2016-

I remember my first encounter with Stephanie as if it were yesterday. The details will be forever burned into my psyche. I had always been a prisoner, in fact, I was born into captivity. The warden held me at my first breath and I immediately loved her. I was not always the world dominating mastermind that I am currently and the hatred that I had for others came on like a slow burn.

I had an excellent childhood. I played with my brothers and sisters and my mother and father were loving and caring. They did a good job raising me;  Simbicile is my father and sadly my mother passed away after childbirth she was called Salem and she was as black as the night sky when there are no stars hanging in it.

The prison had always been my home and my favourite place to perch was on the back of the sofa so that I could watch the world through the glass barrier. I saw many things over the years and made many friends. One particular summer evening was akin to a Shakespearean sonnet;  the wind blew softly and the sweet smell of cherry blossoms hung in the air like a thick veil, the sun was setting and it filled the skyline with shades of orange, pink and light purple…then I saw her.

The warden usually left the large prison gate open but a smaller gate still stood between me and the outside world. The smaller gate held a sort of mesh material that I could see and smell through. I hurried down from my perch and raced to the small gate. The magnificent feline approached the gate and shoved her pink, button nose to the screen. I touched my nose with hers and wished that there had been no barrier. She sat and spoke with me for hours about many things; we talked of life and of love over the next few months and it filled my heart with joy. I could hardly stand the time in between our encounters and missed her sorely each waking moment that I was alone. One summer night I worked up the courage to ask her to be mine. I groomed my suit to perfection, gathered a flower from the dining room table and waited.

That night Stephanie never came to the prison gate. I had wasted an entire night waiting for her; I returned to my perch worried for her safety and my mind went to the most terrible place of What If? As I fretted with worry I saw something in the distance; it was Stephanie!..but she was not alone. I narrowed my eyes and tried to get a better view; there she was in all of her glory, and she was holding hands with Sylvester the common gypsy! At that moment my heart shattered into a million sharp pieces and I swore that never again, would I ever love something. The tale of Sylvester is for another day because I cannot bear to tell it now.

In my younger years…

Curiosity Can Kill Your Cat…

I have a six year old Maine Coon mix named Seabass. To say that he is curious would be an understatement. There are so many things that your cat is exposed to on a daily basis that can be harmful and even fatal!

I’m here to inform you of some  common household dangers that could hurt your kitty and tell you how to prevent an accident.

  1. Open dryers and washing machines- There have been a few incidents of cats getting into washers and dryers with devastating outcomes. Cats love to hide in warm laundry and small spaces. Make sure that your washer and dryer are closed when not in use and be sure to check the machines before using.
  2. Dropped pills-Have you ever dropped one of your medications on the floor and were not able to find it? It’s happened to everyone. This is especially dangerous if you have a cat because they could potentially ingest the medication that they found. Cats eat a lot of things that they find on the floor, whether it be a stray piece of sandwich meat that you didn’t see, a small strand of shredded cheese, a drip of milk from a cereal bowl and the list goes on.  A good tip is to open all medications over the sink with the stopper inserted. That way you will be able to find the pill with ease and your furry friend will remain safe!
  3. Hot surfaces-Cats love to climb on counters and this behaviour comes from wanting to perch high above everything to scope out their territory. This is especially dangerous if you have a flat top stove. Flat top stoves have a flush surface and can remain extremely hot up to 5-10 minutes even after being shut off. If your kitty likes to jump up on things this could result in major damage and suffering from burns! Train your cats to stay off of the counter by putting aluminium foil along the edges of all counter tops in the kitchen. Cats don’t like the sound of the feel of the foil and this will deter them from jumping up.
  4. Cleaners, bleaches and disinfectants-Just like medication, the ingestion of these household products can prove fatal to your furry friend. Keep all cleaning materials out of reach. If your cat knocks over a cleaning supply liquid they may not drink it BUT if the liquid gets on their fur or feet they WILL groom themselves. Keep your cat safe by storing all products in an area where your cat cannot get into such as a locked cabinet.
  5. Plants-I’ve touched on this before so please visit my post about plants that are toxic to cats on this blog.
  6. Needles and thread-Don’t leave needles or thread unattended even for a second. Your cat could ingest them and then you have a horrible problem on your hands. Cats love string and that is one thing I never let mine play with. The string can get wrapped around their tongues or if they eat the string it could do internal damage. The same goes with needles, they could get one in the eye or body part, or internally. Please be vigilant when doing any kind of sewing or crafts and don’t leave anything unattended.

These are just a few household dangers that could pose a potential threat to your cat. Cats are naturally curious so they need your help to be kept safe!