Seabass’ Diary…Day 89…Hannah

July 26, 2016-We looked on in silence. The short, pretty human said, “Who are you and why are you here?” Grandpa answered her, “My name is Garnet and I’m here because I’m trying to save some animals…we desperately need your help because we are in danger.” The short, pretty human looked at him suspiciously and with every right to do so. “Where are your animals?” She asked with an eyebrow raised.

Grandpa gave a low whistle and we emerged one by one from our hiding places and stood before the human. “Here…they’re all here; they’ve been rescued from a pet hotel and some of these animals have been missing for years…they need to get back to their families,” he said. The short, pretty human finally dropped the pitchfork that she had been gripping tightly. “I’ve seen this on the news…people everywhere are looking for you guys…even you,” she said to Grandpa. Her eyes were huge with disbelief about what she had stumbled upon as she looked around at all of us.

She started to unload the back of her truck, “Yes, I’ll help you-We will go to the police station and tell them what’s happened. Get all of the animals into the back!”She said and there was a sense of urgency in her voice. Grandpa threw off the bales and then loaded us all into the bed of the pickup, “I don’t even know your name but thank you for helping us…” he said. “My name is Hannah,” she said quietly, “And you’re in more danger than you think.”


Seabass’ Diary…Day 79…Help is on the way…

July 12, 2016-I slunk deeper into the shadows and held my breath but it was no use-I had been spotted by the tall, thin human. At that moment I knew that there were only two choices: 1) Run back into the cave and hope that our group could wrestle the gun away from her or 2) Take her on a wild goose chase.

I decided on the latter and made a run for it! There was no way that I would lead her to the animals and there was no way that we would ever be captured by her again-I wouldn’t allow it! I heard her shout obscenities at me and bullets pinged into the rocks above my head…at least she was a horrible shot.

I ran as far away from the cavern as I could and led her up a mossy hill in the middle of the forest. I navigated my way through rocks and sticks and the tall, thin human was only meters behind me. She shot at me again as I skidded across a large log that had fallen across a stream. I lost my grip and fell into the stream! It was deeper than I thought and I was having trouble swimming-the current was carrying me away. I thrashed in the water and threw out my paws to grab onto something-anything that would stop me. The water continued to whisk me away and I saw the tall, thin human stop and watch. She shouted into her walkie-talkie, “He’s coming your way! Grab him!” I felt myself going under the water again and I couldn’t touch the bottom…it was no use, I would have to go with the current or drown.

I felt weak and tired from struggling. Just as my limbs started to cramp with exhaustion I felt a hand on the back of my neck. I was immobilized by the position and could not see who was lifting me out of the water-all I heard was a familiar voice say, “It’s okay Seabass! I’ve got you!” The voice sounded a lot like Grandpa’s.

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