Keep Your Cats Indoors on Halloween! (and IMHO, all of the time!)

October 31, 2017- This article is from our friends at about how to keep your animals safe and happy this Halloween. Please remember to keep your cats indoors, ESPECIALLY if you have a black cat! This is imperative to the safety of your beloved feline because let’s face it, people can be cruel and horrible. Click on the link below for tips to enjoy Halloween with your pets!

The picture on the right is my very own majestic, black cat! 🙂

Keep Your Cat Safe This Halloween…

Halloween is my favourite day of the year and in our house, we go all out! We decorate the inside and outside, we dress up, never buy enough candy and are always on the hunt for the coolest/cutest costumes for ourselves and for our cats. With all of the excitement and let’s face it chaos, that surrounds this time of year it’s easy to get distracted when it comes to caring for your pet. Here are a few tips to keep your feline friend safe this Halloween.

  1. Give Your Pet a Safe Haven. If you live in a busy neighbourhood that is full of kids, it’s a given that your doorbell will be working hard on Halloween night. It would be so easy for kitty to sneak out the door while you’re handing out treats to ghosts and goblins, plus cats can become easily startled by kids wearing masks and costumes.  To prevent this and to give yourself piece-of-mind, prepare a special place for your cat that will be away from all of the commotion. I usually usher Simba and Sebastien into the spare bedroom with a few favourite treats and toys on Halloween night. I also make sure to give them plenty of fresh water and I check on them frequently.
  2. Pick the Right Costume. If you happen to dress your cat up on Halloween there are a few things to be mindful of. Pick a costume that is comfortable for your cat. This means that they can move freely and will not overheat in their outfit. Be mindful of any decorative items that could be consumed by your cat and that might pose a choking hazard. Be sure to pick a costume that is non-toxic. Don’t subject your kitty to wearing his costume the entire night. As an added tip, I make sure that my cats are only wearing their costume when they are supervised. This way, I know that they are safe and comfortable. We usually take a couple of pictures and then I take the costumes off of them.
  3. Keep Kitty Away From Human Treats. Cats are curious creatures and they have a penchant for getting their nose into everything. Whether you’re throwing a killer Halloween party or handing out candy to kids, be sure to keep kitty away from the goodies. Chocolate is toxic to cats and even a small amount can cause seizures, muscle tremors and vomiting. Large doses of chocolate can be fatal. Give your cat his own treats that night and only  1 or 2. This way you can all enjoy a safe and happy Halloween.

Black Cat Cocktail…

This is a really yummy cocktail and it only includes a few basic ingredients! Mix this up for Halloween and you’ll have a purrfect evening!

  • 3 1/2 ounces of Black Vodka
  • 1/2 ounce of Blackberry Liquor
  • Ice
  • splash of cranberry juice

Fill cocktail shaker with ice, and then pour in the vodka, cranberry juice, and blackberry liquor. Shake vigorously until ice cold and fully blended before straining into a glass.

Cat Costumes…Never Too Early to Start Planning…

Halloween is my most favourite day of the year! And for good reason; the costumes, the spooky decor, the parties,  the treats and all of the black cat paraphernalia just to name a few. A friend and I were talking on Twitter yesterday and the subject of cat costumes came up (thanks @rocky_grrrrrr for the idea for today’s post!) and I realized that it’s never too early to start planning your cat’s Halloween costume. After a few hilarious posts by my friend, I whipped out my credit card and immediately logged onto Amazon. Check out these awesome ideas for your cat! *DISCLAIMER* I cannot be held responsible for any sort of injuries incurred to you, your body or your face because of your cat’s resistance to this idea. 😀