Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Your Cat!

December 7, 2017- Here is a great list of Christmas gifts that are sure to please the most finicky felines! 27 Wonderful gift ideas from our friends at Buzz Feed. As always, be sure to supervise your kitties when they are playing with toys!


It's also made from organic paper and glue.Kafbo cat scratching whale, $56.24, etsy.com.

Seabass’ Diary…Day 106…Arrested

August 19, 2016- The animals left in a hurry and I urged them to take the wigs as a parting gift. The sound of sirens blared down the street and I waited for the police inside of the prison. Lights filled the driveway and news crews poured into the streets, everything was going according to plan. The police sectioned off the crowd and there had to be at least fifty uniformed officers. A loudspeaker boomed from outside and the voice on the other end said, “THIS IS THE POLICE! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!” Before I knew what was happening, five uniformed officers beat down the door and entered the prison.

The officers surveyed the situation and looked around at the scene. They held their breath because the smell of Stinky still lingered in the air. The shortest of the five called for help when he noticed that the tall, thin human in the corner was bound and gagged by wigs. Two officers helped her to her feet and when they removed the wig from her face a small smile filled the corners of my mouth. “It’s her!” One shouted to the room full of cops. I knew that the tall, thin human had gained some notoriety from being on the news and it was well deserved.

The police removed the tall, thin woman from the prison and loaded her into the back of a waiting cruiser. The enormous crowd that had gathered in the street watched on in delight and amusement. I watched out the window until the tail lights faded into the night. One of the officers slowly approached me; I stayed very still as he gently pet me. “So you must be the infamous Seabass that we’ve heard all about!” I raised an eyebrow as he picked me up and cradled me. I quickly decided not to bite him in the face, it didn’t seem appropriate for me to bite a star struck fan.

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