This KILLED ME! SO funny!

October 27, 2017- Wow! This article is absolute gold and is totally hilarious:0 Check out the link below from our friends at the Huffington Post about what unexpectedly happened during a “Cougar Sighting.” I hope you’ll find this as funny as I did-Happy Friday Friends!

Happy Friday the 13th! Let’s Celebrate our Black Cats!

Good Afternoon Furriends!

Today is Friday the 13th and what better way to celebrate than to honour some gorgeous black cats! Black cats are amazing luck and if one crosses your path it means that you were fortunate enough to see one! So take a second to bask in its beauty and remind yourself of how lucky you are! I happen to have a black cat of my own whom I absolutely adore. He’s got a quirky personality, thinks he’s the boss of me and writes in his personal diary about trying to take over the world. Here are some really great pics of my black beauty named Sebastieno…affectionately known as Seabass.

Happy Friday the 13th!