No Firefighters Were Harmed in the Making of This Calendar!

November 30, 2017- Firefighters and Felines is the name of the 2018 calendar that showcases adoptable cats with their human, firefighting companions. Take a look at this great cause and find out how you can help by clicking on the article below! (From our friends at

Area firefighters posed with adoptable cats for a calendar that will benefit the Cat Network of Stanislaus. Some proceeds also will go to help animals affected by October's fires in wine country.

Seabass’ Diary…Day 81…The Plot Thickens…

July 14, 2016-I looked over my shoulder and saw that Grandpa was only a few feet behind me. He knew that I was leading him somewhere but I wondered if he had any idea how many animals had actually broken free from the dreaded pet hotel. He did say to the officer that it was on the news and in my opinion-that was a good thing. That hopefully meant that Caleb’s humans and the other animals’s humans knew it was a possibility that they would be re-united.

We reached the cave and I stopped at the mouth of it. Grandpa put his hand against the rocky wall and caught his breath for a moment. “Oh no…you’re not going in there,” he said as he tried to pick me up but I eluded his grasp, “There could be bears or worse in there!” I looked at him and started off into the cave-he had no choice but to follow my lead.

As I led him into the winding cavern the visibility became worse with each step. I felt my way through the darkness  and finally came to the place where I had left Simba and the other animals. I saw a small flicker of light behind me and realized that Grandpa was carrying a lighter with a flame so tiny it barely glimmered in the massive darkness. I felt around on the floor for any sticks or dried grass that we could set on fire to secure the light that we so desperately needed.

Grandpa did the same thing and we lit a small fire that quickly grew into a large one. As the light from the fire seeped onto the walls, I realized that the cave was empty! The animals and Simba…were gone.