Seabass’ Diary…Day 152…Pink Pyjamas

July 17, 2017-Simba and I had heard stories about Amelia, but we didn’t want to believe them…we wanted to believe that no human could be that cruel and unusual. For a split second, I debated whether or not to scratch her eyes out, but I was truthfully frozen in fear. Amelia couldn’t have been more than five years old, but she was crazy in every sense of the word. She squeezed me tight and breathed in the scent of my fur.

“You’re a stinky kitty! You need a bath!” She shrieked and giggled. Hearing her laugh made my blood run cold. The words echoed in my mind…bath…a bath meant water and I hate water. There was no way that I was going down without a fight. I needed to act quickly but my mind was totally blank. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her but what other choice did I have?

I squirmed and wriggled as hard as I could in the hopes that she would release me but instead her grip tightened.

“Don’t let her take you to the next location! What are you doing? You Fool! Bite her already!” Simba screamed.

I couldn’t bite her…she was just a little girl. I’m a soldier, not a monster. I hissed as loud as I could and narrowed my eyes at Amelia. Perhaps if I frightened her enough she would back off! I hissed again and bared my teeth at her as I growled.

“Oh kitty doesn’t want a bath?” She sung. “But you’re supposed to have a bath before bedtime!”

I growled again and said a prayer. “Fine no bath tonight, but you need to put pyjamas on!” She carried me to the closet and picked out a frilly, pink, one piece pyjama suit.

Pink pyjamas? No…this wasn’t happening.

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Does Your Cat Do This?

June 8, 2017-As most of my friends and readers know, my cat Sebastien is very unique. He has a crazy personality, some bad habits, and he chatters non-stop especially if it’s two in the morning. He is part Maine Coon and is the star of the famed Seabass’ Diaries, a weekly feature, here on The Kitty Cat Clan.

I’d like to pose this question to all of my friends in multi-cat households…does your cat start fights with your other cat and not finish them? Ok. Let me paint a picture for you.

Simba (my Tabby) perches in the living room window and surveys the neighbourhood from the back of the dark brown, leather couch. He sniffs the air, and his eyes settle on the golden retriever that is being walked by it’s human down the sidewalk. Simba is unsuspecting and unassuming because after all, this is his home! He should not be on alert…or should he?

Sebastien has been watching Simba from afar; I can see that he’s also been surveying his every move. I watch as he crouches and slithers up the side of the sofa. His eyes dilate, and he wiggles his furry butt and then WHOMP he slaps Simba across the side of the head and takes off into another room.

Simba gives chase, and before I know it, I’m vacuuming for the fourth time that day. They fight in a tumbleweed of fur, and it looks like something out of a bugs bunny cartoon. They trade blow for blow, and all of the sudden Seabass is on his back meowing loudly and staring at me to save him. Simba has him by the jugular and is about to finish him when I decide to step in and restore peace in my kingdom for the time being.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this and if your cats do the same thing! The question at its core is, Does your cat start a fight and then look to you to stop it? Looking forward to your comments!