Seabass’ Diary…Day 86…Victorious…

July 21, 2016-The tall, thin human ran towards me with the torch. I released Edgardo and circled around the fire. I was cold and calculated in my steps. I scanned the area and looked for something that I could use to immobilize the human but there was nothing that would give me an advantage; I would have to fight her without anything but my brute strength and cunning wit.

The tall, thin human and I stood across from eachother, the campfire was the only thing that separated us. Flames and ash licked at the air as the wind changed direction; that’s when I caught a familiar scent…It smelled like Simba. I heard a whistle come from behind me and there was only one other person in the world who knew that whistle…he was here. The very next moment, before I could even gather what was happening, Simba lunged from the bushes and pounced onto the tall, thin human’s shoulders. He started biting her and she screamed in pain so I sprang into action to finish Edgardo!

The tall, thin human flailed wildly as she tried to remove Simba from her neck but he would not release her. Edgardo and I twisted and crashed in a magnificent heap of fur and I delivered one devastating blow after another to his jaw. I looked over at Simba and he had the tall, thin woman on the ground-she was rolling in the dirt to try and get him to release her from his teeth. Then I saw it. A can of pepper spray reflected in the moon light. It had jostled free from the human’s utility vest! I ran over, picked up the can and said, “Run Simba!”

He obeyed my orders and ran wildly into the bushes. I pressed down on the nozzle and sprayed the human in the face with her own weapon! She screamed and writhed in terror as she tried to remove the substance from her eye. She got on all fours and tried to stand up but it was no use-I had temporarily blinded her. I ran over to Grandpa and untied him when he finally came to-“Seabass!” He said groggily and stood up. I led him to the bushes where Simba was laying in wait, “Come-I’ll lead you to the animals,” Simba said and we followed him into the darkness.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 85…Fire…

July 20, 2016-We heard another sound coming from behind us. Twigs snapped under the weight of whatever was coming our way. Grandpa motioned for me to hide so I concealed myself deep in the bushes and watched in fear as Grandpa confronted the noise.

It was the tall, thin human and Edgardo; they had found us by the light of our tiny fire. “What do you want?” Grandpa yelled as he lit the tip of a large branch on fire and used it as a torch. The tall, thin human took a step toward him but he waved the torch at her as a warning to keep her distance. “I’m here for the black cat,” she snarled, “He didn’t think that he would get away with the diamond did he?” Edgardo bared his teeth and started to growl. “He doesn’t have the diamond! It’s been turned over to the authorities and it’s only a matter of time before they find and arrest YOU!” Grandpa said. The fire that burned on the torch was no match for the anger that burned in his eyes.

I needed to do something! I lunged from the bushes and caught Edgardo completely by surprise; we grappled with each other and I bit him as hard as I could. He would not retreat so I bit him again; he yelped out in pain and finally I pinned him. I loomed over top of him, my chest heaved from the exertion of our fight and I said, “You will NEVER defeat me!” He looked into my eyes and said with a smirk, “Oh…but I already have.” I looked to Grandpa; he was lying in the dirt face down. The tall, thin human dragged him to the base of a tree and started tying him up. She bound his hands and legs and put him into a sitting position against the trunk and then grabbed the burning torch.

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Seabass’ Diary…Day 75…The Struggle..

July 6, 2016-I lunged at Edgardo and we collided into a tumbling mess on the rooftop.A tumbleweed of fur was the best way to describe the scene. I bit him on the jugular as hard as I could and he screamed in pain as I ran towards the ladder.  The tall, thin human was the first to descend the rooftop at lightning speed and I was right behind her until Edgardo grabbed me from behind and pushed me to the ground.

We continued to grapple and were unaware of how close we were to the edge of the rooftop! I could hear the tall, thin human screaming for Edgardo to get in the car but he seemed to pay no attention. He stood on top of me and had me pinned to the edge of the roof, his hands were around my neck and I looked below me to see a twenty story drop and the get away car.”First I’ll do away with you and then Simba! It will be a pleasure to see  his pain!” Edgardo said breathless. I squirmed beneath him with all of my might but I couldn’t break free and I was starting to feel sleepy. If he held on much longer I knew that I would be thrown over the edge of the building and land as a splatter on the pavement. I grabbed his hands and tried to force him off of me but I was starting to lose consciousness…before everything went black, Simba’s face flashed in front of my eyes and I regained my strength!

I snapped back to consciousness and pressed my feet into Edgardo’s abdomen. I pushed up as hard as I could and flipped him off of the rooftop! I quickly whipped around to see him fall at an astounding pace; I could hear his yelping as he got closer to the ground! I watched as adrenaline pumped through my veins and just before Edgardo was about to meet his final fate as a spot on the asphalt, Henri caught him in his arms!


Seabass’ Diary…Day 74…S.O.S…

July 5, 2016- My brain scanned the most direct route to the diamond. It’s fascinating how the mind works under pressure and I was glad that mine was still functioning considering the circumstances. It’s an odd thing really-with all of my special skills training, this was one situation that really bothered me. I think it was because I knew how much was on the line…Simba’s life was the cost of any error on my part and that made the stakes incredibly high.

Edgardo’s voice was in my ear again and he said, “Sensors shutting down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!” I sprang into action and raced towards the diamond! I skidded to the foot of the platform that housed the jewel and climbed up it as fast as my legs would carry me. I reached the top and snatched the diamond-there was no time to admire it’s beauty. I raced back to the dangling zip line; the sensors returned and filled the room again.

I looked up at Edgardo who was watching me from his post. “Hook yourself up and I’ll pull you,” he said. He left his post to initiate the pulley system and I knew that this was my only chance. I took the pad of paper and pen that I had stolen from the tall, thin human’s Chanel bag and scribbled furiously-I only had a matter of seconds. I wrote down the address of the Pet Hotel and wrote, “Stolen diamond at this location-help!” I clipped myself onto the zip line and began my ascent-as I dangled in mid air and finally reached the opening, I threw the pad of paper as hard as I could to the ground. The pad of paper crossed one of the sensors and the alarm was immediately activated! Lights and sirens went off inside of the museum and Edgardo shouted, “YOU FOOL!”


Seabass’ Diary…Day 71…Museum

June 30, 2016-At that moment I had complete faith in my team; I knew that they would follow through with the plan we had devised and that it would be executed flawlessly. As the human held me in her grasp I briefly thought about attacking her but I decided to restrain myself for the moment; If I did not fully co-operate and follow my own instructions, there would be no chance of escaping or rescuing Simba.

I was loaded into a black vehicle that contained the tall, thin human, Edgardo, his henchmen and Henri. I had not laid eyes on Henri since he whisked Simba away which was on our very first day here; I thought about attacking him also but I remained calm. I had a job to do and I knew that it was very dangerous so I needed to keep my wits about me. We travelled in silence for quite some time until the tall, thin human spoke,” We’re almost there get the cat ready and Edgardo get dressed!” Edgardo did as she said; he put on a black cargo vest that contained a slew of tools: pliers, a laser pointer, goggles, a zip line, a pulley and a pocketknife. He set his watch and adjusted his headset as the vehicle came to a stop.

“I trust that there will be no issues from you and that you will follow my instructions when I give them to you!” the tall, thin human hissed at me, “Because we would hate for anything to happen to your precious Simba.” I narrowed my eyes at her and agreed that I would co-operate fully. Anger washed over me and I prayed that the animals were executing part 1 of our plan…operation Simba. I wanted to run, I wanted to slash the human’s face open and escape but I remembered the plan…all in good time. Soon this would be over and we would all be reunited with our families.

The tall, thin human stuffed me into her Chanel bag and exited the vehicle; Edgardo and Henri followed behind us. The moonlight dripped onto a broken bottle in the street and the shards of glass shimmered in the darkness. We scaled a ladder at the side of a building to the rooftop and I was released from the handbag; a gigantic, glass skylight served as a window to the museum below.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 67…Truth

June 22, 2016-I bit onto Edgardo’s ear with all of my might and we rolled around on the floor as we swapped punches; I delivered a swift left hook to his jaw and pinned him to the ground. I stood ominously over top of him and sneered, “Know this…whatever you’re up to I plan to destroy it.” He breathed heavily and said, “Have it your way…but…what about Simba? You wouldn’t want him to suffer would you?”

Edgardo smirked and I went to attack again but was pulled off of him by a couple of his henchmen. “Listen up everyone!” Edgardo shouted as he smoothed his stupid sweatshirt, “Because of your new friend, Peasant, you will be working with no rest tonight.” The room suddenly went quiet and he continued, “Feel free to thank him in any way you see appropriate.” I could feel the angry eyes of the animals on my back and tried my best to ignore their deathly stares. The henchmen continued to restrain me until Edgardo left the room then they released me with a push.

When the coast was clear Callisto ran to my side, “Sebass that was so…brave and yet…so stupid, what were you thinking?” she asked. “I need you to tell me immediately what is going on-we don’t have much time!” I demanded. “Please Callisto, I need your help…to save Simba.” She looked at me and bowed her head, “I will help you all that I can.” She paused for a moment and said, “The animals here are involved in illegal activity but not by choice…we are all part of a massive crime ring.” I sucked in some air and waited for her next words…”We are jewel thieves,” she said, “And every night is a new mission…that’s why you…have become the Chosen One.”


Seabass’ Diary…Day 66…Anarchy

June 21, 2016-“When shall we meet?” I asked Callisto, she did not answer because Edgardo had left his perch and was headed our way; I could see that she was nervous because her whole body shook as he approached us. “Peasant!” the weird looking dog shouted in my direction…I turned around to see who he was talking to because it sure as hell wasn’t me.

His hair was fashioned into a purple mohawk and he wore a red and white sweater with a hood; I stared at him in amazement and wondered if he knew how ridiculous he looked. “Peasant!” he shouted again but this time he stood inches in front of my face. The look in Callisto’s eyes made me decide not to lunge and attack Edgardo…there was a fear that emanated from her so I proceeded with caution. “No…” I laughed, “My name is Sebastien not Peasant and we haven’t been properly introduced.” I stuck out my hand for him to shake but he spat on the floor in front of me instead. I withdrew my hand and he said, “Your name will be whatever I call you.” Who did this guy think he was? My patience was wearing thin and he was really starting to anger me. “No-maybe you didn’t hear me correctly the first time…My name is Sebastien and I will not answer to anything else,” I said as I threw the polishing rag to the floor. The room went silent and everyone stared.

Fire filled his eyes and I smiled…I had gotten under his skin. The first rule in war is to attack your enemy psychologically-get so far into their head that they can’t concentrate and remember to never show any fear. Battles were won in the mind and I was thankful that my mercenary training had served me well. Edgardo was so close to my face that I could feel his breath on my fur. “So we have a rebel on our hands do we?” he sneered and pushed me, “I have just the job for you…THE CHOSEN ONE!” he shouted as he held out his hands to the side-the other animals were silent and the tension was palpable. I flipped over the table that held thousands of precious jewels and lunged at Edgardo…I had started a riot and the room broke into bedlam.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 65…Edgardo

June 20, 2016-Callisto looked at me with uncertainty, “Can I trust you?” she asked. “Yes but you need to tell me what all of this is about,” I said. There was a small dog perched on a chair that sat high above the other animals; the chair was adorned with gems and purple satin cloth…it was quite ornate and frankly it was quite gaudy. I stared at the canine indirectly and wondered what his position of power was. My question was answered almost immediately as if Callisto could read my mind telepathically.

“That is Edgardo…he is the villain’s right hand man…he watches from his perch to make sure that we are working and not conspiring with eachother,” she whispered as she polished massive diamonds. I looked at the ridiculous canine and raised an eyebrow, how could that little thing cause so much fear I wondered. I had seen his type before and he was officially called a “Chinese Crested” something or another. Would I classify him as a dog…no…he had a mohawk and fur boots but that was all the hair he had entirely. He looked laughable. I smiled widely, “Him? That’s the guy?” I asked in disbelief. She threw me a white cloth and said, “You mustn’t let him see us talking…pretend to work or else we will be caught and then sentenced.” My face remained normal but my pulse quickened, “Sentenced to what?” I said as calmly and as quietly as I could. “To hard labour,” she said without looking me in the eye. Something grabbed my insides and twisted; I remembered Simba and that he was taken.

“My kin is missing, he is called Simba-they took him straight away after our arrival,” I said under my breath; I kept polishing a massive green stone that glittered in the light, it was as big as my paw…perhaps bigger. “Yes. Some of the animals are taken right away…is your Simba a big cat?” she paused and switched to polishing a different mound of diamonds. “He is huge,” I said as fear gripped my throat. “He has been taken to hard labour…I can show you where he is tonight… but it will be dangerous,” Callisto whispered as her eyes met mine. A feeling of dread consumed me and I felt sick, “I need to rescue him and get out of here, you must show me the way.”