Seabass’ Diary…Day 26…

April 24, 2016

I stood there frozen. Stephanie hadn’t spotted me yet and in a split second I made the decision to return to the prison…it would be better than being anywhere with her. I turned on my heels but it was too late. She jumped out of the bushes and started rubbing her face all over me-she grabbed me and smooched me as hard as she could; it left me breathless, but not in a good way. She was in love with me, but who could blame her? I am a magnificent specimen of black panther and anyone would be lucky to have me. I did not want to become involved with her because it would take my focus away from world domination…besides she had broken my heart once already.

I struggled to get away from her but she was stronger than me. She had me pinned and was grooming me furiously. I had no choice but to play dead.  Monty tracked my scent and found us in the bushes, the small, stupid human finally discovered us and scooped me up. “Stephanie!” she exclaimed with glee,”I haven’t seen you in months, I was worried about you!” Such treason made my guts churn. Stephanie loved the small, stupid human because she left  vittles at the gate of the prison as well as fresh water for all of the travellers.

I had seen many of my kinsmen from the clear barrier in the prison, I oft wondered what it would be like to join them on their travels. Did they also have aspirations to get rid of the humans? Did they aspire to take over the world like me? So many questions, but no answers .Stephanie was a gypsy of sorts and travelled constantly but she always turned up eventually. After I hadn’t seen her for an extended amount of time I thought that my wish had been granted and that she had been captured but alas, this was not the case. The small, stupid human handed me over to the large, stupid one, she picked up Stephanie and cradled her, Stephanie hugged her back. I vomited at the sight of such affection and the large, stupid human deposited me back inside the prison walls after muttering obscenities that I had soiled his uniform.

I watched from the clear barrier and shuddered at the thought of meeting her again-at least tonight I would be safe from her clutches. The first time we met was such an encounter that it still haunts my dreams.

A picture of Stephanie…one of the gypsies that the warden feeds.

Seabass’ Diary…Day 3

March 30, 2016-Last night the large human had ham. It was agony to watch him eat it..he taunted me with every delicious bite but be sure I will exact my revenge. While the humans weren’t looking I formulated an ingenious but dangerous plan…I would steal the ham off the counter. I steadied myself on the counter and made the 20 foot leap across the room, I landed on target and pushed the plate onto the floor. Success!..but only for a moment. The small human came rushing in and pulled me away from my feast. She continues to mistreat me.

I awoke to the grasp of the small human. She and the large human have a very comfortable nest so I try to take up as much space as possible. I suppose there is a trade-off for my comfort…I must let her touch me but I insist on biting her hand every time to remind her of my power.  I vomited my breakfast on the carpet to show her my dissatisfaction with the menu that never varies…I also think that she is trying to poison me. I watch her scrub the carpet and while she is doing this I climb onto her back to get a better vantage point and to look for a possible escape route. My father Simba and I are served small, dry nuggets each morning at varying times due to the small human’s laziness. I’ve retreated to my lair because I know that the humans will not be able to reach me on the highest shelf of the laundry room. There is a window and sometimes a squirrel that I watch…oh if only I were free like him to frolic in the afternoon breeze…his very being reminds me of my oppression. I hate him. Today I shall try and sleep away the horror of this place and escape into my dreams of a better life.

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The deplorable conditions of my current lodgings…look away.