Simon’s Cat…Pain in the Grass:)

October 5, 2017-


These Cat Houses are Amazing!

October 4, 2017- These cardboard cat houses are absolutely epic! The Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group decided to adopt a stray cat named Tisoy in 2011 when they found him wandering the streets. Click on the link below to see these amazing cardboard creations and to read this wonderful story!

Vet’s office crafts incredible cardboard houses for their resident cat

Vet's office crafts incredible cardboard houses for their resident cat

When Mom Says It’s Time for a Bath…

September 7, 2017-When mom says it’s time for a bath, it’s time for a bath. Check out this adorable video of a momma cat cleaning one of her babies! She does it kind of forcefully but let’s be honest, we’ve all been there at one time or another:) Awww Mommmmm!

Rail Cat Purrs His Way Into Job Offer!

August 29, 2017- You guys are going to love this story about a black and white kitty named Kyle who has the most unusual job in Scotland! Read more about him and his hilarious antics (such as enforcing a rigorous on-the-lead policy for canines!) as well as the lives he’s touched. Click on the link below

The fluffy lad has become a firm favourite with nursing staff.Purr-fect for the job: The lovable lad has amassed fans.

International Cat Day was August 8!

August 9, 2017- Hi Furriends, yesterday was International Cat Day! I’d love to hear how you celebrated the day with your feline buddies, let me know what you did in the comments below:) Here are a few photos to celebrate the very special day. Shouldn’t every day be International Cat Day? I think so!