5 Ways…from Modern Cat Magazine

December 14, 2017-Such a great article from our friends at Modern Cat Magazine that talks about helping semi-feral cats adjust to domestication. Tons of tips, just click on the article below:


Maine Coon, Black And White Cat, Cat, Longhair Cat

A Cat’s Nose Knows…

November 28, 2017- This article is absolutely fascinating and comes to us from our friends at the Mother Nature Network! I know that you’ll enjoy it and gain a lot of valuable information. Click on the link below:)


Nose and mouth of a cat, close-up.

9 Tips for Socializing Your Cat…

November 15, 2017- Maybe your cat is shy, or you’ve recently adopted a feral stray, or maybe your fussy feline just doesn’t enjoy the company of anyone, click on the link below to find out how to socialize your kitty from our friends at Catster.com.


A brown and white cat peeking out of a cardboard box.

Why Living Like A Cat Could Be The Key to Success!

November 14, 2017-A new book has just hit the market! You guys have got to check this out-click on the link below from our friends at Standard.co.uk.


This Hotel Has Gone To Cats!

November 2, 2017- This story comes to us straight from the Big Apple! Click on the link below to read about a hotel with famous feline mascots from our friends at mnn.com, and I think that we all agree that every hotel should have a kitty mascot!


Hamlet VII Algonquin Hotel cat

Keep Your Cats Indoors on Halloween! (and IMHO, all of the time!)

October 31, 2017- This article is from our friends at Peta.com about how to keep your animals safe and happy this Halloween. Please remember to keep your cats indoors, ESPECIALLY if you have a black cat! This is imperative to the safety of your beloved feline because let’s face it, people can be cruel and horrible. Click on the link below for tips to enjoy Halloween with your pets!


The picture on the right is my very own majestic, black cat! 🙂

Bad, Bad, Badger!

October 24, 2017- I know that we always talk about cats here at the kitty cat clan so rest assured that the bad badger I’m talking about is part of a bigger story. Click on the link below to read the story from our friends at Metro UK!

Badger breaks into cat’s home, steals his food and sleeps in his bed

Badger breaks into cat's home, steals his food and sleeps in his bed

These Cat Houses are Amazing!

October 4, 2017- These cardboard cat houses are absolutely epic! The Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group decided to adopt a stray cat named Tisoy in 2011 when they found him wandering the streets. Click on the link below to see these amazing cardboard creations and to read this wonderful story!

Vet’s office crafts incredible cardboard houses for their resident cat

Vet's office crafts incredible cardboard houses for their resident cat

Do Cats Need Other Cats?…

September 28, 2017- Do Cats need other cats or would they rather be alone? Find out the answer according to the experts at Catster.com. Click on the link below!


Two cats lying down and relaxing together.

Woman Leaves $300,000 to Her Cats!

August 30, 2017-This is an interesting story and is definitely not the first of its kind! Read on to find out more about the New York woman who left a lot of dough to her feline babies.  I wonder how many of my cat-loving friends will have their cat’s named in their will? Click on the link below from our friends at NDTV.COM, and let me know your thoughts!


Woman Leaves $300,000 To Her Cats. They Were 'Like Her Babies'