Woman Leaves $300,000 to Her Cats!

August 30, 2017-This is an interesting story and is definitely not the first of its kind! Read on to find out more about the New York woman who left a lot of dough to her feline babies.  I wonder how many of my cat-loving friends will have their cat’s named in their will? Click on the link below from our friends at NDTV.COM, and let me know your thoughts!


Woman Leaves $300,000 To Her Cats. They Were 'Like Her Babies'


Meet Achilles The Cat (Place your bets)!

June 22, 2017-Meet Achilles the cat! He is very special in so many ways. Achilles, is a deaf white cat who lives in St. Petersburg’s Hermitage museum, and he will be predicting Confed Cup matches. Click on the link below to read the awesome article from RT.com. Looking forward to your comments on this one!