No Firefighters Were Harmed in the Making of This Calendar!

November 30, 2017- Firefighters and Felines is the name of the 2018 calendar that showcases adoptable cats with their human, firefighting companions. Take a look at this great cause and find out how you can help by clicking on the article below! (From our friends at

Area firefighters posed with adoptable cats for a calendar that will benefit the Cat Network of Stanislaus. Some proceeds also will go to help animals affected by October's fires in wine country.

Seabass’ Diary…Day 98…Supplies

August 9, 2016-A million thoughts raced through my mind; when would the tall, thin human return? Was she capable of hurting us? Would she try and capture us again?

I pulled out my trusted voice recorder and began making notes; I began listing the supplies I would need: Industrial strength glue, clear plastic wrap, zip ties, 10 pounds of white feathers (synthetic of course), and a stun gun. I played the list back to myself and was quite satisfied with my selection.

I raced back up the stairs and looked at the calendar that was hanging in the feeding room…this particular piece of paper displayed the stupid humans’ schedules and it told me precisely when they would be leaving for whatever it was that they wasted their lives on. Tomorrow was something called Thursday and the stupid humans were both scheduled to be gone from 9pm until 4am. I looked at my watch and made a mental note-the tall, thin human had been at the prison last night at precisely 2:32 am. I believed that she would return at the same time this evening.

I took a deep breath and tip-toed to where the stupid humans and Simba were slumbering, I stared at them from the shadows…they looked so peaceful. I am quite positive that they would not sleep so soundly if they knew the gravity of the situation that was before them. I stayed a little longer and became sleepy. I shook my self awake, there was no time to rest. I needed to prepare immediately or risk having something horrible happen to us; I was our protector and that was very clear.

I raced back down to my lair and plugged in my laptop. I reached for the small, stupid human’s credit card that I had lifted from her bag and logged onto the Amazon.