Seabass’ Diary…Day 19…

April 16, 2016- I had formulated a plan on how to get Simba alone with the thing he was most afraid of, now I just needed to put my plan into action!

There was a pause from the small, stupid human who was cleaning above us as we were in the basement and I knew it was now or never. I turned and said to Simba, “I just heard the can opener!” This was DIABOLICAL of me!  His eyes widened and he waddled up the stairs and I wasn’t far behind him. He raced into the food room and then it happened…the vacuum cleaner awoke from it’s slumber and roared at him.It’s massive teeth whirred across the floor and gobbled up the mess. He was paralyzed with fear and his pupils dilated…there was nowhere to run-he was trapped in a corner.

I blocked the entry way so that he could not escape the monster. I was not afraid but then again there were not a lot of things that frightened me; I often taunted the machine by sitting just out of it’s reach and staring into it’s dead eyes. Simbicile started to panic, he cowered in the corner and he started licking his lips. His head swivelled from side to side as he looked for the exits. What happened next was shocking and completely out of character…Simbicile gathered all of his courage and leapt over the mammoth beast! I could not believe my eyes and was surprised by his new found bravery. I tried to contain him in the space but he bowled me over and I was knocked to the ground by his girth. He sprinted to his hiding place and I darted after him; he was under the spare nest and was shaking from the terror he had just experienced. He was inconsolable-my evil plan had worked and I had exacted my sweet revenge, but If I had known what Simbicile had planned for me next, I never would have done this to him.



Animal Spirit Guides…

Today is really exciting because we’ll be talking about some amazing animal spirit guides and what they mean! Now of course, the specific animals we’ll be talking about are all felines:) Here’s what the following animals mean when they show up!

What we mean when we say, “show up,” is not necessarily the animal literally crossing your path, it could be an animal that you see that you keep seeing in various places. Let’s say you see a lion logo and then you dream about a lion or see a piece of jewellery that is a lion, please take this as a sign that the animal is showing up to send you a message!

Animal Spirit Guides and their meanings:

  • Cat- If a cat shows up it means that you need to start trusting yourself! Trust that you are capable and listen closely to your intuition. Pay close attention to omens and signs that will soon guide you to the messages that your ancestors are trying to communicate to you! What an exciting and mysterious time for you!
  • Cheetah-You will move gracefully through an upcoming whirlwind cycle of your life. Be flexible and be willing to change course quickly if the situation you’re going through requires it. Respond without hesitation to avoid missing opportunities that will soon present themselves!
  • Cougar(aka. Mountain Lion/Puma)-You need to start being very decisive now! You are the leader of your family and friends and they need you to guide them. Keep your eyes on your goals and stick to it! Stop procrastinating and don’t let anyone try to tell you that you need to change if you’re not ready to yet.
  • Leopard-Spend some much needed time in nature. Avoid working too much and disrupting the delicate balance of work and play. Keep your goals to yourself right now because talking too much about them might get in the way of achievement. A secret will soon be revealed to you! Trust your feelings and your gut because whatever it’s telling you is right.
  • Lion-Never give up your dignity no matter what situation you’re in. Use all of your emotional fortitude during an upcoming situation or event. Be courageous, follow your heart and take time to think about things before acting irrationally.

Very interesting! Follow your animal spirit guide and listen to what they’re trying to tell you.

Be courageous like the king…