Really Excited! Saturday, November 19th

Hi Furriends!

I’m very excited for this upcoming Saturday at the Binbrook Ag Hall from 2-8pm. It’s going to be a great time with Panda the Very Bad Cat (who will be in attendance) and I’m looking forward to signing books and enjoying an awesome evening with all of you! Just a couple of things I wanted to mention that are important:

  1. We will be selling and signing books, please note that we cannot accept debit but everything else YES!
  2. There will be a MAJOR announcement from Pandamonium Publishing House at 6:00pm ( I CANNOT WAIT to share this with you!)
  3. There will be a draw for a free book/surprise for those of you who filled out a ballot at our booth at the Binbrook Fair.
  4. A portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to Binbrook Animal Hospital’s Angel Fund that helps low-income families with veterinary expenses.

I’m really looking forward to this and I know that you are too! See you there!


Binbrook Animal Hospital…Angel Fund

Thank you to Dr. Delaney Della Fortuna who owns the Binbrook Animal Hospital for writing this description of what the Angel Fund is and what it’s used for. The Angel Fund is one of the programs that Panda the Very Bad Cat supports by donating a portions of the proceeds from every sale of our book.

The angel fund was developed to try and help our clients who want the very best for beloved pet in an emergency type situation but don’t always have the funds to be able to do so.  For example, a senior citizen whose pet desperately needs dental surgery to have their teeth cleaned and infected teeth removed.  The owner comes in every year and has their physical exam and vaccines but the cost of a procedure like that isn’t in a pensioners budget. Or we have used it on a client who was on disability and had a epileptic cat. She made it work year after year to buy the medication and do the lab work required and when it came to the day she had to say goodbye we covered the bill for the euthanasia.

The Angel Fund allows us to help our clients that truly want the best for their pets but
when emergencies arise the funds are not always there so instead of letting the pets
suffer we give the owners a helping hand.

I hope that you’ll join Panda the Very Bad Cat in supporting this great cause!

Angel Fund…Binbrook Animal Hospital

As many of you already know, Panda the Very Bad Cat will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every single book sold to various animal shelters, humane societies and rescue groups. On November the 19th our charity of choice is a local one called The Angel Fund at the Binbrook Animal Hospital.The Angel Fund is used to help low-income families in our community that need veterinary care for their pet(s). Please check out their website and help us raise a lot of money for those in need.