Lucky Charms…

It depends on what part of history we’re talking about but cats were considered both lucky and unlucky. Ancient Egyptians hailed cats as gods and cats have never forgotten this. In ancient Egypt it was a capital offence to hurt, harm or kill a cat and people who did this would be punished severely. Ancient Egyptians praised cats for controlling vermin and their ability to kill venomous snakes such as cobras, and the cat quickly became a symbol of poise and grace.

In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of marriage. She rode in a carriage that was pulled by two cats and the goddess is represented by a grey cat. Christians decided that Freya was a witch and a Pagan and her cats were seen as agents of Satan. Obviously the Christians saw the cats as unlucky and evil.

When soldiers came back from the Crusades, they brought black rats with them, (that caused the Great Plague and killed millions) and suddenly cats were needed again. This improved their image greatly.

Throughout the ages, people have always thought that cats possessed psychic abilities. Cat charms such as on a pendant have been thought to bring good luck and to help the wearer develop their own psychic potential.

There are many more stories and beliefs about cats being good luck and I tend to agree…afterall, a certain black cat crosses my path everyday.

My Lucky Black Cat…Seabass

High as a Cat…

A lot of people believe that cat grass is feline’s version of marijuana…we’ll let’s see about that!


This is a huge misconception among a lot of cat owners funnily enough-your cat, no matter how strange it acts, is not hallucinating or high on cat grass. According to experts, there is no benefit to cat grass whatsoever even though it is totally harmless for them to eat. Cats are obligate carnivores and while they CAN eat plants, it’s completely unnecessary. In ancient times, when parasites were common, the act of eating grass was just a residue of evolution in cats that ate, lived and died outdoors. Researchers said that there were benefits to animals eating certain foliage in regards to helping get rid of parasite infestations internally and it may have benefited chimps, lions and tigers.

On the other hand, different experts say that there may be benefits to cats eating grass other than the reason of their ancestral roots and habits from long ago. Even though cats may not need cat grass, there are benefits to ingestion! Cat grass is high in fibre and can help improve digestion, as well as help move things along the intestinal tract such as fur from grooming, plus it holds a whole host of different nutrients. Wheat grass is the most common type of cat grass and it has:

  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6

So the point is, cat grass won’t get your cat high and it’s probably not really necessary but there is NO harm in letting your cats nibble on it every now and again. My guys love it and it’s a treat to watch them eat it!

IMG_7737 (1)
Simba chowing down on cat grass