Bear Creek Sanctuary…

April 19, 2017- As most of you know, we a Pandamonium Publishing House love animals. Not only that, we love helping animals in need. Through the sales of our book Panda the Very Bad Cat, we donate to many different charities, and Bear Creek Sanctuary is one of them. Bear Creek Sanctuary is located just west of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Here is an excerpt from their website: “If we have the ability to help an animal in need, then we are morally obligated to do so”

“If we have the ability to help an animal in need, then we are morally obligated to do so”

“Extinct is Forever!”

“We are a volunteer driven non-profit organization dedicated to the survival of rare and endangered species. We are also involved in humane wildlife rescue and rehabilitation of animals involved in public concerns, and as always, we provide a safe haven for unwanted, abused and injured exotic and zoo surplus animals.”

These animals cannot be placed back in the wild because they’ve been humanized and would not be able to survive in any other scenario.

I sincerely hope that you will check them out and that you’ll think of supporting their amazing work. I’ve attached a link to their site that you can click on, and it will take you right to their main page where you can browse through FAQ’s, see the various animals that they help and even see some of the things that are on their Amazon Wishlist! It’s a really great way to get involved if you have the resources and Amazon will even ship it directly to Bear Creek Sanctuary! There’s even the option to SPONSOR an animal!

Here’s a link to their Amazon Wishlist:

This is Lola, a resident at Bear Creek Sanctuary…


Cat Costumes…Never Too Early to Start Planning…

Halloween is my most favourite day of the year! And for good reason; the costumes, the spooky decor, the parties,  the treats and all of the black cat paraphernalia just to name a few. A friend and I were talking on Twitter yesterday and the subject of cat costumes came up (thanks @rocky_grrrrrr for the idea for today’s post!) and I realized that it’s never too early to start planning your cat’s Halloween costume. After a few hilarious posts by my friend, I whipped out my credit card and immediately logged onto Amazon. Check out these awesome ideas for your cat! *DISCLAIMER* I cannot be held responsible for any sort of injuries incurred to you, your body or your face because of your cat’s resistance to this idea. 😀

Seabass’ Diary…Day 99…Package

August 10, 2016-I put all of the items into my virtual shopping cart and clicked on express/same day shipping. The receipt said that my order would be here no later than five pm-that was going to be a bit of a problem because the stupid humans would not be gone yet. I took a deep breath and decided that I would cross that bridge when I came to it. I grabbed my voice recorder again and started making notes.

“5 p.m.-shipment arrives. 5:15 p.m unpack shipment. 5:20 p.m take a break. 5:30 p.m stare down the horrible squirrel that taunts me from the back yard.” Things were moving along quite swimmingly and I was pleased with my time management skills. I took a quick nap and dreamt of how satisfying it would be to use my new taser on the tall, thin human.

At precisely 5 p.m the prison front bell rang. I gritted my teeth and waited for the small, stupid human to answer it. I had no idea what my plan of distraction would be but it didn’t matter because I was incredibly good at thinking on my feet. I waited for the sound of her footsteps but they never came. The bell rang again…no answer. Was it possible that the small, stupid human and the large stupid, human were dead? I supposed anything was possible.

I peered through the front door mail slit and saw the Amazon’s truck drive away-my package sat on the stoop. I placed my hand on the prison door and was just about to open it when I heard a muffled sound behind me. I quickly slipped into the stairwell and hid in the shadows. I peeked around the banister-it was only Simba. “Good Morning, I trust you slept well?” I asked unassumingly. Simba rubbed his eyes and stretched, “Yes…what are you doing?” he said with a raised eyebrow. I smiled my best smile and said, “You don’t want to know.” For a split second he paused, “You’re right…” he said and turned on his heels and went back to the nest.

097 Promo!…Free Giveaway!…

Hello Faithful Furiends,

I wanted to share some really exciting news with you. For a LIMITED time ONLY my e-book, The Curse Unearthed (A Seabass Original Adventure), will be available for download on for FREE! Yay! So if you LOVE the Seabass’ Diary series I think you’ll love this one too. The date for the free download is July 25-26th. Just search my name Lacey Bakker and all of my e-books will come up.

Thank you to everyone who supports me and for supporting this blog. Without you guys, what would be the point? Thanks for making it possible for me to follow my dream of writing.



P.S. For those of you who already purchased, The Curse Unearthed, don’t worry- I have a very special surprise in store for you! More details soon…


Exciting News…Amazon!

Hello Friends! As you know I’ve been working on an exciting project and it’s finally finished!…well…sort of; I’ve published part 1 of an exclusive series that’s ONLY available on

It’s called The Curse Unearthed and here’s the description:

Join Seabass (the main character from the famed Seabass’ Diary series on on a one of a kind adventure series that is exclusively available only on Amazon! Seabass and Simba embark on a dangerous adventure after Seabass finds a mysterious box at an ancient burial site. Little do they know that the box holds a deadly secret and they aren’t the only ones who want to find out what’s inside!

I hope you’ll join Seabass and Simba on yet another adventure! And once again, I’m so thankful for every single one of my faithful readers. Please leave a review on after purchasing the e-book, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much,




Exciting Project Underway!

Hello Everyone! SO excited to share some awesome news with you!

Seabass our beloved cat from the famed Seabass’ Diary Series will be encountering all kinds of adventures in his new E-book series on! His first adventure will be available on for download starting on Friday July 1st, this particular series will not be divulged on, but it offers a new set of mischief and trouble for Seabass and other friends (and enemies) he meets along the way.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and that this news excites you as much as it does me! Thanks again for your faithful readership and I write this blog for each and every one of you…if it weren’t for all of my followers I wouldn’t get to do this! Thank you!


Hello faithful readers, I just want to say that I really enjoy writing this blog for you and without you, what would be the point? People from all over the world read and share my love of cats and it’s quite evident that our feline friends have a special place in our hearts. To  show you just how much I appreciate all of you it’s contest time! This is open to EVERYONE who loves kitties; here are the details:

To enter the contest:

  • you must be a resident of planet earth
  • you must love cats

What you need to do to enter can be ANYTHING on the list below:

  • email me a picture of you and your cat to kittycatclan@yahoo.COM (please include the photo in the body of your email NOT an attachment) with CONTEST in the subject line
  • email me a link to your fave cat video/commercial (same rules and email address as above)
  • email me a picture of just your cat (same rules and email address as above)
  • Name the cat below (same email address as above) (best name wins)


Send your entries, pictures and answers to kittycatclan@yahoo.COM with CONTEST in the subject line! 

Let’s talk about PRIZES! 

For those of us who love cats but don’t have one:

1st prizeYOU will be featured on as a CHARACTER in Seabass’ Diary! You’ll be a guest blogger on the site and be interviewed by yours truly and the interview will also appear on the site, plus you’ll get an 8×10 autographed photo of Seabass mailed to you at any address in the world!

2nd prize-An 8×10 autographed picture of Seabass mailed to you at any address in the world! Plus a mention on the site!

3rd prize– An 8×10 autographed picture of Simba mailed to you at any address in the world! Plus a mention on the site!

For those of us who are owned by a cat:

1st prizeYOUR CAT will be featured on as a CHARACTER in Seabass’ Diary! Plus their photo will be featured! You’ll be a guest blogger on the site and your cat will be interviewed by Seabass and the interview will also appear on the site, plus you’ll get a hand made mouse for your feline friend courtesy of Purrty In A Box® AND a custom made bow or bowtie for your feline pal courtesy of Purrty In A Box® mailed to you at any address in the world.

2nd prize-An 8×10 autographed picture of Seabass mailed to you at any address in the world! Plus your cat’s name and  photo on the site!

3rd prize– An 8×10 autographed picture of Simba mailed to you at any address in the world!


Seabass’ Diary…Day 39…Trouble…

May 11, 2016- At that very moment I decided it was time indeed, time for me to reveal myself and take over their plan. I pounced from the bushes and said, “Not so fast!” The group was surprised to see me and Simba’s eyes narrowed in anger, “What are you doing here and why are you wearing night vision goggles?” he demanded. I smirked at his stupidity, “You didn’t think you could do this without me did you?”

I’m sure it took everything in him to restrain himself but Simba remained calm. “This is my operation…we’ve done all of the work and you expect to swoop in at the last second and take command of my brigade…no, that is not happening.” I glared at him, “I’ve studied the location and even ordered supplies that would benefit us.” I showed him what was in my backpack to prove to him that I would be a help not a hindrance. There was a pause from the group, the bandit gathered everyone except me into a huddle.

After a quick conversation Simba finally said the words I had been waiting to hear, “Fine you can join us but don’t screw it up, your orders will come directly from me.” That’s maybe what he said but this is what I heard, “Your Lordship, we welcome you with open arms, please take over this mission and lead us into battle! Without you there would be no victory!” I happily obliged and handed out the items in my sack.

There was a loud noise that startled the brigade, we whipped around to see what it was. A gang of misfits stood ominously in a tree behind us, the scariest part is that they were all the same species…Squirrels. The head squirrel that had continuously tortured Simba and I from outside the prison walls was staring at us…and he was wearing the mask that I had ordered from the Amazon.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 38…Lift-Off!

May 10, 2016-It was finally time. The small, stupid human left for work and I had all of the items that I needed to facilitate the robbery; Operation Luigi had officially begun. I followed Simba to the basement and like a ninja, I remained invisible…he looked behind him a few times before entering the secret tunnel but alas, I became merely a shadow. I quoted one of my favourite villains of all time while I thought of Simba sneaking around and one day I would say this to his face, “Ah, you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding.”

He entered the corridor first and I set my watch. I waited precisely forty seconds and then entered behind him. The other mercenaries were waiting for him outside of the vent. He squeezed his massive girth through the tight space and was now free. I watched from inside the darkness for a moment and stalked the crew until they got to the corner. We rounded the sidewalk and there in all of it’s glory, was the Luigi’s Catering truck.

The smells from the truck danced on the wind and quickly floated to my nostrils; it was intoxicating. Simba gathered the unit and went over the final details of the plan. I remained in the bushes just out of sight and set my Panoramic Night Vision goggles to stun…just kidding, they don’t have that feature but I wished they did…Damn, that’s what I should’ve ordered from the Amazon-next time. The wedlock’s backyard was filled with tiny twinkling lights and a large, white tent; stupid humans filled the space and were dressed in fancy clothes. Simba finally announced, “It is time.”

iphone82015 038
How I look through my night vision goggles…