Cats Have Staff…

September 12, 2017-I’ll let the video speak for itself!


When Mom Says It’s Time for a Bath…

September 7, 2017-When mom says it’s time for a bath, it’s time for a bath. Check out this adorable video of a momma cat cleaning one of her babies! She does it kind of forcefully but let’s be honest, we’ve all been there at one time or another:) Awww Mommmmm!

Anakin, the Two-Legged Miracle Cat!

August 31, 2017- Oh. My. Goodness! You all are going to fall in love with this cat named Anakin; he was born with a missing pelvis and only two legs but that doesn’t stop him. Anakin is an inspiration to us all! Watch Anakin on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to his incredible story.

Check Out the Awesome Toys From Our Friends at Indigo! Fab Deals!

April 17, 2017-You know just how much we love toys at The Kitty Cat Clan…well, check this out! Up to 50% off toys at Indigo when you click on the link below! Here are some of our faves: This fella here we love especially because he reminds of us our forthcoming book Deer Diary! And can you believe this costume? Adorable! Looks like our Panda the Very Bad Cat! Not available in stores but only online. They’ve got tons of great deals. Time to go shopping!

Brown Moose PlushInky Black Kitty Costume - 12- 18 months