A Cat’s Nose Knows…

November 28, 2017- This article is absolutely fascinating and comes to us from our friends at the Mother Nature Network! I know that you’ll enjoy it and gain a lot of valuable information. Click on the link below:)


Nose and mouth of a cat, close-up.

Seabass’ Diary…Day 114…A Nose Knows…

Sept 1, 2016-We shouted until our voices were hoarse. I prayed that the large human got the message that the small one was in danger and that he would come to our rescue. “What should we do? We should do something!” Simba said as he wrung his hands together. I nodded, “We’ve sent out the message but we can’t guarantee that he will understand it…we need to search for her ourselves until he comes to rescue us.” “What if he doesn’t?” Simba said, his face was wrought with worry. “He’s got to come back sometime. We need to make the most of our time. Who knows what Henri has done with the small human.” I shuddered at the thought.

“Where do we start?” Simba asked. “We need to search for clues, something, anything that can lead us to her…look carefully and put your nose to the ground…nose to the gr…Nose…NOSE!” I shouted. “That’s it! WE NEED A NOSE!” I said. Simba stared at me, “We have noses, what are you talking about?” “Not our noses, MONTY’S NOSE! He will be able to lead us to the small human based on her scent…he’s one of those-smell hound types!” I said excitedly.

“I know who Monty is…He stayed with us for a week remember?” Simba said. I could tell he was annoyed. “He might be our one shot at finding the small human,” I said. Simba swallowed hard and said, “Whatever it takes…Let’s go.” I opened the prison gate to freedom and led Simba to Monty’s house.