Put Your Paws Up!…

Meet Keys – the Cat Who Keeps Putting Her Paws Up in the Air For No Apparent Reason


Seabass’ Diary…Day 116…YIKES!

September 6, 2016- I shushed Simba and gave him silent instructions to follow me to the backyard. The sound had stopped and then started again. I crept alongside Monty’s house and shivered at the sound that seemed to be getting louder. It was an odd kind of scraping sound like bone on bone. I held my breath as I dove into the bush to get a better vantage point. I signalled to Simba to stay where he was while I surveyed the situation.

I peeked out from the bush and scanned the back yard. The yard seemed to be empty except for the sound of scraping. There was a table, a couple of chairs and a kiddie pool but other than those objects there was nothing noteworthy. I needed to get a better look. There was an old shed at the South East corner of the lot and the sound seemed to be coming from behind it…I couldn’t be sure unless I got closer.

I motioned for Simba to take my place in the bush. He would be safer under cover that was for sure. I had no idea what was lurking in the yard. I gathered all of my courage and crept closer to the shed; I stopped and stuck myself up against the sideboards. Just a few more steps and I would make visual contact with the sound. I took three steps forward and cocked my head around the corner. “AAAGGGHHHH!” I screamed as I came nose to nose with an enormous creature that I had never seen before!


Summertime Flowers with Angel

This is adorable! 😻

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I know some of you might know I Love, Love to smell flowers. . Dad thinks my nickname should be Flower because I love Flowers so much , but Don’t worry I never ever lick or eat flowers. Yuck…


Sometimes we just have to stop from our busy lives and take a moment to smell some beautiful flowers it can help destress your day and give you strength.


Even if you have to pretend it smells good…purr…


Just remember to enjoy what ever you are doing and even stop and pet a cat because we love it besides I can bet it will make you Smile because it makes me purr……


Sniff… Sniff…

Thanks for reading and see you here again next week! 🙂 Meanwhile don’t forget to sign-up for the Katzenworld Newsletter.


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