The World’s Richest Cats!…Part 1 of 5

Hi Furriends, I’m excited about this segment and a little jealous, to be honest. Let’s face it, these furry felines have and make more money than most of us combined! Check out number 5 on the list of The World’s Richest Cats…

#5-Choupette Lagerfeld:

Yes, this stunning, three-year-old Birman beauty owns famed designer Karl Lagerfeld. According to the fashion guru himself, last year Choupette earned $3 million dollars! She has a book that’s already been released as well as a make-up collection (for humans I assume). When she’s not working, she likes to play on her i-pad and boss her two maids around. Geez, talk about living large! Choupette absolutely refuses to do “food-stuffs” commercials because it is completely beneath her according to Lagerfeld who says, “She’s too sophisticated for that.”

You can’t tell me that after reading this that it’s not a cat’s world! Stay tuned for number 4 on the list that will return next Wednesday.




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