Cats Throughout History…Part 3…

Hi Friends, I’ll be the first to say that I’m a bit sad to see this three part series end because it was so interesting and entertaining. However, we always need new content to keep readers interested and engaged so onto the next segment which I will announce at the end of today’s article.

Cats have always been objects of folklore and superstition throughout time. Here’s the story of Cats in Ancient China and how they were once guardians of the human world!

Cats Oversee The World

Ah ha…so this is why they think this! As far as I can tell, my cats both think the world revolves around them…this might just be the reason why.

Li Shou was a Chinese goddess that was depicted in the form of a cat. Sacrifices and offerings were made to her for fertility and to control pests. The importance of cats in the world was demonstrated by Li Shou. An ancient Chinese myth says that cats, during the beginning of the creation, were appointed by the gods to oversee everything in the human world and to ensure that everything was run properly. Cats had also been given the ability to speak! As we know currently and even then, the felines were more interested in sleeping beneath cherry trees and playing with falling blossoms instead of looking after a boring human world.

Three times the gods visited the cats and instead of the cats properly performing their duties they were found at play. On the third time that the gods visited the cats, the cats told the gods that they had no interest in running the world…which I kind of find hard to believe since I happen to know a Maine Coon who is hell bent on taking over the world…but none the less, I’ll let history tell the story. The gods granted humans the position of overseers of the world (which may not have been such a bright idea considering the state of things) and transferred the power of speech, which was taken from the cats. Cats were then given the task of keeping time instead. To this very day, it’s believed in China that one could tell the time of day by looking into a cat’s eyes.

I hope that you enjoyed the segment Cats Throughout History and stay tuned for a brand new feature on Wednesday that is titled The World’s Richest Felines! You won’t want to miss it!


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