Glorious Shop Cats of New York

New York City is my favourite place ever and now it’s even more so! Check out this article from Metro about cats hanging out in New York shops…adorable.

Glorious book celebrates cats hanging out in New York shops

A fascinating ñ and cute ñ book documents the cats who inhabit New York stores. Shop Cats of New York introduces the felines who can be found lounging on counters and shelves across the Big Apple. Photographer Andrew Marttila, a self-proclaimed 'crazy cat man', worked with popular cat blogger Tamar Arslanian on the publication. It features moggies pictured in a variety of outlets, including ginger cat Lionel, who is seen perching on the counter in model train shop The Red Caboose. Andrew, 30, from Philadelphia, says: "Lionel's spot at the front of the stores is the perfect place for people watching, petting, treats, and-perhaps most important- bubble wrap, which he enjoys trying to wrangle away from the owner." Elsewhere, Jeffie is seen exploring the barrels at Kings County Distillery, NYC's oldest operating whiskey distillery, while Sammy at MPH Couriers seems to be earning its keep: "He spends most of his time on the first desk at the front of the office belonging to (employee) Cordell, and was "helping" him ("snoopervising") with orders." A kitty called Tiny seems to hold power over a book shop. "Originally the runt of a litter, today Tiny lords over the Community Bookstore in Park Slope, having earned the nickname "Tiny the Usurper" (also his Twitter handle)," says Andrew. Others include Charlie, who can be seen lying among the vapes at Smoke Scene, and ñ ironically - Clive, a fearless kitty holding court at Canine Styles, a specialised doggy boutique. Amazingly, music shop cat Keetah even seems to have the seasoned withering look of a record store employee. Andrews says: "There are those who come to Bleecker Street Records, on of the last old-school record stores in New York City, not to coo over the impressive vinyl collection but to visit a gray cat with a white heart-shaped patch on her chest." Andrew explains: "The author and I met at a birthday party - Grumpy Cat's 2nd birthday party to be exact. The thought of developing a book about shop cats came to her while she was in the shower; her local wine store had a cat and she had seen other cats in stores all over the city. We did some digging; mostly through word of mouth and social media to come up with a list of stores with cats. We spent the Summer going all around NYC to visit the stores and interviewing and photographing for the book." To buy book: OTHER CATS: Bobo - "While Bobo is prone to knocking over the bamboo plants and breaking a dish or two, he's exempt from the "You Break You Buy" policy prominently posted on neon-pink paper around the shop." Bud - "For a kitty born in the beginning of 2015, Bud (a girl) is already drawing a high-profile crowd at this Midtown establishment." Charlie - "While cats at a copy shop may not make much sense at first, the establishment's owner pointed out it's a take on copy cat, which was almost the shop's name." Georgie - An obligate carnivore living in a vegan shoe store. Ivy - "The pharmacy took her in and named her Ivy - not after the plant, but an I.V. It's a fitting name not only because it's a pharmacy but because an pharmacist points out, "she got under our skin and into our hearts." Jack - "One may go so far as to call Jack spoiled, or perhaps just very lucky. When not in his private loft space or getting chiropractic adjustment (he has a bad back), Jack can be found lounging on his "Jack Lives Here' doormat as fans come bearing gifts in the hopes of getting on his good side." Jeffie - "Kings County Distillery is the oldest operating whiskey distillery in New York City since Prohibition. Its ruler, "King Jeffie," as he is fondly called, dons a sleek black coat and has four legs." Spooky - "Spooky navigates the narrow shop with aplomb as bikes, customers, and deliveries come and go throughout the day. He's never in the way, and always has one eye on the door to make sure he's not missing out on any action or opportunities for affection." Valentino - "Valentino has no shortage of fans. According to the owner, a group of at least fifty people drop in to say hi and check on him each week." Featuring: Keetah - Bleecker Street Records Where: New York, United States When: 18 Jul 2014 Credit: Andrew Marttila/Cover Images **All usages and enquiries, please contact Glen Marks at - +44 (0)20 3397 3000**

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