Calling All Cat Parents!

Hi Friends,

I’ve decided to do a call to action on today’s blog post. I’m looking for cat parents who would like their kitty featured as “Cat of the Week” on this site! is read in over 28 countries around the world and has over 3400 followers! Talk about exposure!

If you’d like to have your feline friend featured on my site, contact me by email at Send me a clear photo, the name of your cat, age and anything else that’s interesting about your kitty and I’ll be sure to feature them on the blog!

Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous kitties!



4 thoughts on “Calling All Cat Parents!

  1. We have had Snowy for 7 years. We rescued her from a large litter of cats, for which she was the runt. We have given her a lot of love. She now lives in a house of 5 cats. She had an unknown illness, unbenounced to us, as the vet told us. She is now a healthy active cat. She is part siamese but you wouldn’t k ow it. We went looking for a cat to help my wife through her illness. My wife has congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy, so Snowy helped her immensely through this period.

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