Everything You Wanted to Know…Writing Course

Hi Friends,

I’m excited to offer you something really special but let me back up for a moment. When I’m out promoting Panda the Very Bad Cat at events, I get asked a lot of the same or similar questions from people who want to know more about writing, the process, idea generation and more. Since there is a need for more information, I’ve decided to design a mini-course for those people who want to become authors or who want to market their book. This course is not just for children’s writers but for all authors who are interested in starting or publishing their book.

The course will include:

One-on-one training with me for 1.5 hours about the following subjects:

  • How to get started with writing
  • Idea generation
  • Character development
  • Plot
  • Genre
  • Creating platform
  • Insider tips and what NOT TO DO! (REALLY important!)
  • How to get published
  • How to get a literary agent
  • Marketing your book

Plus the first 50 people who sign up will receive my FREE E-book that has a lot of helpful tips on various writing topics.

If you refer a friend you’ll receive 15% off of your course fees! Sign up by e-mailing me at lacey_bakker@yahoo.ca or by sending me a message on Facebook Lacey L Bakker. Deadline for sign ups is November 30th and the course will take place the week of December 4th.

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