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October 19, 2016- I get a lot of requests from people that I meet about how to get started writing children’s books. I try and share some of my knowledge that I’ve gained over the years from the courses I’ve taken, seminars and workshops I’ve attended and of course from my own hands on experience with Panda the Very Bad Cat. Awhile ago I decided to write it all down and offer it as an e-book on and today I’m happy to say that it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD for the next 5 days! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about writing for children, now is your chance, just search my name, Lacey Bakker on to find the download or click on the link below! Happy Writing!




Seabass’ Diary…Day 128…On the Run…

October 19, 2016- The intensity of the explosion caused us to fall to the ground. My immediate thoughts turned to Bernard. I prayed that he had not been done away with but at this point, the tall, thin woman was capable of anything. The stakes had become even higher than before.

I held onto the large human and he carried me like a football as we raced across the street. I wondered what was happening and I had a hard time finding my bearings. It was if he could read my mind because he said, “We need to get out of here NOW!” He threw his elbow through a driver’s side window and opened the locked door from the inside. He put me on the seat and pulled out a bunch of different coloured wires from under the steering wheel. I watched as he twisted a couple of the wires together and the engine roared to life.

He looked at me and said, “I hope Bernard is ok.” I shook my head and hoped for the best. We squealed out of the parking space and were followed by a barrage of black vehicles; it was the tall, thin woman and her henchmen, they were gaining on us. I could only focus on what was going on in front of us…it was all too much. It was as if my simple, quiet life had been turned upside down…I wanted things to go back to the way they were but I supposed that it could never happen.

I gathered the courage to look behind us as we raced down the street at breakneck speed when all of the sudden the car we had stolen came to a screeching halt and stopped dead in the middle of the road.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 127…Explosive

October 18, 2016-My heart sank and I stayed completely still…had I heard this correctly? That the small human was missing? I did a quick tally; it was about to grow to three if I didn’t do something soon. Simba was missing and now the small human…I couldn’t bear it any longer.

“Open the bag,” the female voice commanded, “I want to see what’s inside.” There was a second of silence before my large human spoke, his voice was flat and unwavering, “You already know what’s inside,” he said. “OPEN. THE. BAG.,” the voice repeated. I could tell her patience was wearing thin by the way that she spoke in syllables.

I had no idea what was in the bag that the large human was holding but I knew that it was NOT one black cat! I needed to act quickly so I took my sharpest nail and made a slit in the top of the duffel bag. I  tore through the opening and bit the hand of the tall, thin woman who had tried to abduct me yet again. There was no way I was going to surrender! She would never take me again! She screamed out in pain and dropped the bag on the floor, in the midst of the chaos my large human swung the bag that he was holding and knocked out three of the henchmen that surrounded the tall, thin woman. It was absolute mayhem but time stood still for me.

I watched as it all unfolded in slow motion, like a beautiful dance. My large human swung around and whirled the bag around in the air, above his head and let loose on anything that got in his way. Henchmen flooded into the warehouse from their hiding spots and I watched as my large human took them out one at a time. It was glorious! He scooped me up and while we raced to the truck, he barreled over the tall, thin woman and her henchmen scurried to help her to her feet.

We bounded out the back door and raced to the truck, we were almost one hundred and fifty meters from it and we would be safe! There was a moment of silence and then a huge BANG…I watched in horror as the truck exploded in front of us.