Seabass’ Diary…Day 122…What is Your Emergency?

September 20, 2016-The impact shook us to the core. I looked at Bernard and said, “Are you ok?” “Yes…are you?” he said breathlessly. I just laid there for a moment and tried to get my bearings. Within a split second, the back van door flung open; it was the large human! He had come to our rescue when we needed him most!

He grabbed my animal transportation device first and put me into the pickup truck and then went back for Bernard. I watched as he released Bernard from his cage and opened up the truck door, “Come on boy,” he shouted and Bernard jumped onto the seat. I was sandwiched between the large human and Bernard but I could clearly see the damage that the large human had caused to the vehicle that we had been kidnapped in. I had no idea how he found us or what was happening but I was glad that he was here.

He pushed a button on the dashboard and I immediately noticed that his hands were covered in blood. A voice came over the speakers in the truck, “This is 911, what is your emergency?” The large human spoke calmly,”My wife has been kidnapped; I’m on my way to her now and I’m going to meet with the people who took her…and when I do, we are going to need an ambulance.”

iphone oct 2015 327

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