Seabass’ Diary…Day 121…Shaken Not Stirred

September 19, 2016- I could tell that we were moving at a frightening speed. The cages that we were held hostage in slid around as we rounded the sharp turns in the road. “Ok think…think, think, think, think, think…we can’t chew through the metal bars, we can’t bend them or slip between them,” I said as I put my hands on my hips. That was my classic thinking pose and it helped me clear my head more than once before.

“So the only way out is to break the cage into pieces somehow,” I said. I jiggled the lock once more to make sure that it hadn’t magically opened on its own and was disappointed when it hadn’t. “Ok…I have an idea…I think,” Bernard said. “What if we wiggle our cages so that they touch the door, that way when it opens we can throw our weight against it and with any luck we will hit the ground and the crash will break open the cage.”

I was still in my thinking stance. “Ok, that seems like the only option we have right now so let’s do it,” I said. To be honest I wasn’t very confident that it would work but what choice did we have? We were out of options. We inched our cages to the back door of the van and hoped for the best. Whoever opened the doors of the vehicle would not be prepared for us. The van came to a screeching halt and the engine turned off. I held my breath and then said a prayer but what happened next shook us. We didn’t even have time to brace for impact…


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