Seabass’ Diary…Day 119…Fear…

September 12, 2016-A dark cloth blinded me and I writhed and hissed to try and free myself from my captor. I spat and snarled and tried to bite whatever was closest to me but it was no use, I could not get away. I was immobilized. I heard Simba scream at the top of his lungs and I could tell that he was putting up just as much of a fight as I was.

There was a muffled “Woof!” and a couple of growls so I knew that Bernard had also been captured. What had we gotten ourselves into? We were supposed to be the ones to save the human and here we were in just as bad of a spot! I felt myself being carried to the next location and I was terrified, not only for myself but for the small human because it had been hours since we last saw her and currently had no idea of her whereabouts. We were running out of time.

I managed to wiggle one of my hands out of the black towel that was binding me and I grabbed onto something with all of my might. Usually this would force my captor to release me but at this time it did not. I felt something familliar when I tried to dig my nails into whatever it was that I had grasped, but I couldn’t place exactly what it was. I heard the muffled “Woof!” again and was slightly relieved that Bernard was also being transported with me. I listened for Simba but there was only silence now.


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