Lots of Exciting News!…

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of exciting things to tell you about that will be coming up this week; the first thing is, I will be attending the Binbrook Fair this weekend from Friday, September the 16th to the 18th, so those of you in the area please make sure you come and visit our booth! We’ll be handing out invites to our exclusive launch party on November the 19th plus a few other treats will be in store:)

The second thing is that the wonderful Ms. Tamara Botting from the Sachem and Glanbrook Gazette newspaper will be interviewing me on Friday just before the fair kicks off. I’ll post a link to the site when the article is up!

Thanks so much for your support and readership. You guys are the best. Oh and one more thing…we are almost at 3,000 followers on this blog! How awesome is that?

Lacey Xo

Ps. I’m keeping one more HUGE secret…Can’t wait to tell you about it soon!

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