Seabass’ Diary…Day 117…Help Us Please…

September 7, 2016-There I stood, nose to nose with a behemoth. I had never seen anything like this! It was some sort of canine yes, but not the kind I had ever come across and it definitely wasn’t Monty. I took a step backward, raised my hands in the air as if to surrender and slowly tried to move away. The huge animal shoved it’s nose into my belly and gave me the once over. He sniffed and snorted at me and I was covered in his slobber; it was absolutely disgusting! As soon as I figured out who this chap was I would send him my dry cleaning bill!

While he inspected me I looked behind him and saw an enormous bone…that’s what the sound must have been, his teeth scraping the scraps of meat off of it.  The gigantic canine finally stopped sniffing me and I relaxed a little. “Is this Monty’s house?” I asked as Simba came out of the bushes and joined me. He must have figured it was safe now that the animal hadn’t made a meal out of me. “Yup it’s his house but he’s not here…who are you?” the canine asked suspiciously. “I’m Seabass and this is Simba,” I said pointing to him. “We really needed Monty’s help, when will he be back?” I asked. We were running out of time to find the small human and there had been no indication that the large human had received our message.

“Why do you need his help? I can help, what do you need help with?” he asked eagerly. “Our mother is missing,” Simba said, “Our human,” I clarified. “She has been kidnapped by a horrible man and we are afraid that we’ll never see her again-that’s why we needed Monty! We were going to have him track down her scent and lead us to her…before it’s too late,” I said. The canine paused for a moment then said, “I come from a long line of canines that help humans, my grandfather was a Saint Bernard Rescue Dog, he saved many lives in the Swiss Alps…I can help you find your human.”

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