Seabass’ Diary…Day 110…The Terror

August 26, 2016-I rushed to find Simba; he was still sleeping in the nest as if nothing had happened. If he knew what had just transpired he would have been awake with fear. I thought about keeping the information about Henri to myself but I decided that it would be for the best if I told Simba. I was going to need all of the help that I could get.

“Simba,wake up! This is important!” I said. Simba sighed, “Ugh, what is it now?” “It’s Henri…he’s back.” This got his attention and he sat straight up. “WHAT? What do you mean?” he said. His body shook as he spoke and I truly wondered if I had done the right thing by telling him. “He’s back and…” I paused, “And I think that he’s going to be our babysitter.” Terror filled Simba’s eyes and he wrung his paws together nervously as I told him about the small, stupid human and how she interviewed him. “How could she not tell that it was Henri?” Simba asked. “It’s because he was disguised! He didn’t look anything like he did on t.v. and the only thing that gave him away was hit tattoo!” I explained.

“What are we going to do?” he asked, “This is a huge problem! He’s going to kidnap us again…or…or worse! What if the tall, thin human has escaped jail somehow? What if..” I grabbed Simba by the face and stared into his eyes. “You need to CALM DOWN!” I said. “We will figure this out!”


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