Seabass’ Diary…Day 104…The Plan of Action

August 17,2016- I closed the door behind Bandit and started to prepare for phase 1 of the plan. I checked the clock again it was 1 am, that meant I had some time left before the tall, thin human returned to exact her revenge. I had no idea what she would do but I did know what she was capable of.

After I had prepared the necessary items for our plan of action, I sat down and had a snack. Funny how plotting things can make you famished. At precisely 2:00 am there was a knock at the door so I answered it. Bandit stood with Stinky on the front stoop of the prison with an army of animals behind them. There were some critters I had never met before but I was grateful for their allegiance to me. As each of the animals entered the prison I handed them a wig to put on. After the last comrade had entered, I closed the prison gate and looked around the room. What a sight to behold; animals big and small adorned with wigs of all lengths and colours…it was quite terrifying actually but somehow still magnificent.

I commanded the floor and straightened my wig, “Thank you all for being here tonight. As you know Simba and I are under attack again…we are being stalked by a tall, thin human who is out for revenge. I trust that you will help me defeat her!” The animals clapped and cheered and some of them even let out battle cries; It was inspiring! Luckily , all of the noise and boisterous behaviour did not wake Simba. He had been sound asleep for eighteen hours already and showed no signs of stirring.

“Does everyone know what their role is?” I asked. “YES!” the animals shouted in unison. I looked at my watch and set the alarm for precisely 2:31 am…one minute before the tall, thin human would return and break into the prison. I shut off the lights and the animals took to their posts.


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