Seabass’ Diary…Day 100…Mistake

August 11, 2016-I followed Simba to find out why the stupid humans did not emerge when the prison bell rang. I peered into the nest and realized that it was only Simba who occupied it. “What now?” he asked. “Where are the stup…humans?” I corrected myself at the last second because Simba did not appreciate that I called them that but none the less, it was true.

“They’ve gone to dinner and then to work, we will see them tomorrow,” Simba said. “Very well. Goodnight,” I said. He raised an eyebrow and flipped on the nest side lamp, “Please promise me you’re not up to something that is going to get us in trouble,” he said and narrowed his eyes at me. “Of course I’m not…When has that ever happened?” I asked and with that I left the room.

I felt it was better not to bother him with the details of my ingenious plan because it would only cause him severe distress. I had to admit, we had been on a whirlwind path of chaos lately and it was becoming exhausting. It’s not like I had anything to do with it though…it was just my cross to bear in life and “mischief” always seemed to follow me. That’s what I’ve heard the small, stupid human say before.

I opened the front gate to the prison and lugged the box inside. It was pretty heavy in contrast to the items I had ordered. I ripped open the box with my sharpest nail and gasped…this was not what I had in mind.


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