Sniper & Diesel…Wayne Yates’ Story…

I’d like to thank my friend Wayne Yates for sending me his story. It’s such a great one and I know that you will enjoy it immensely. Here is his story in his own words…

When my dad was 10 years old he had a small cat. One particular evening when the entire household was asleep, my dad awoke to the cat crying loudly. He got up and investigated. Smoke billowed into the house…it was on fire! My dad sprang into action and got everyone out safely just minutes before the house went up in smoke! If not for the cat hero, my dad would have perished in the fire.

Around the same time a few days later, my dad had left his cat in a spot where he and the cat often played. After work one day, some of my dad’s work mates finished work and stopped at the house to help my dad salvage what was left from the fire. Awhile after they left, my dad discovered that a car had backed out of the yard and had run over his dear cat. It was a very sad day and it was a day he would never forget.

Even as the years went on and my dad joined the Army, he continued to love cats. He eventually became a Sniper and his nickname was Black Cat because he had the ability to sneak up on people and remain undetected. After his time in the service, he returned home and then I came into the world shortly after.

As I grew up, my dad often drilled me about shooting guns and proper safety. As the years continued to pass, my dad was getting older. While he was on his death bed he told me stories about his service in the Army, his job as a sniper, his nickname black cat and many other things about life.

I’ve spent 23 years truck driving. It’s a tough job but I love it. Some days are great and others are difficult. I constantly fight sleep because of the long hours on the job. When I was home one day, something caught my eye. There, hiding under a dog house in the yard, was a black kitten. I kept him in the house for awhile and he was always sneaking and peeking around. I named him Sniper in memory of my father.

As for Sniper and I, we drove truck all over the country for one year with never a dull moment. These trips were long haul and I would sometimes get weary on the journey. But I knew that I could count on Sniper to be by my side. If I even remotely looked like I was going to go to sleep, that cat would bite the crap out of me! I’m quite sure that he’s saved my life many times and he is my hero. It’s crazy to think that if two heroic cats had never come into mine or my dad’s life 80 years apart…neither of us would be here to tell the story.

I now have 2 cats, Diesel and Sniper of course. Diesel is the grey one and he is as sweet as he looks. Sniper is a veteran trucker with the enormous responsibility of keeping me awake on our journeys.  They’re both very loving cats and I’m so glad they’re mine.

Diesel and Sniper
Sniper on the road

4 thoughts on “Sniper & Diesel…Wayne Yates’ Story…

  1. It’s very nice work ❤️💐💐💐❤️ to my friend Lacey who I put my trust in to wright my story about my dad,me and my loving Sniper & Diesel cats are our gift in life 80 years ago to now my story proved one thing for sure we are all ment to pass the love on one cat or a 100 cats cats love back
    Thank you Lacey 💐💐💐💐

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