Seabass’ Diary…Day 93…S.W.A.T.

August 2, 2016-Just as I was about to spring into action something caught my eye; in the back of the stolen police cruiser there was something that looked a lot like a rocket launcher. I blinked and tried to clear my eyes but the image remained the same…it was definitely a huge weapon that would cause a lot of destruction. Once again sirens were getting closer and I hoped that the real police were coming this time.

I unlocked the door and something amazing happened; a group of men dressed in black, with the letters SWAT emblazoned on their jackets, rushed out of the forest like a raid of army ants. Henri released grandpa and tried to re-enter the stolen police car; an officer threw a grenade type item into the vehicle and the SWAT team incapacitated Henri with a flash bang as grandpa was moved to a safe location. They took Henri into custody and the main road was flooded with police cars,tactical units and news crews.

The entire scene was chaos! I linked arms with Simba and the other animals and we huddled together in the truck; within minutes the police had approached the vehicle and opened the doors-the lights from the camera crews were blinding. “Looks like they’re all here-load them into the van and get them to a clinic to have a once over before you release them to their families,” a large officer said. The police loaded us into a large van where we waited for grandpa who was being treated for his injuries; I heard reporters yelling at him for an interview but he remained silent. Caleb squinted as he looked out the window and his tail started to wag for the first time since I’ve met him, “My family…they’re here!” Tears streamed down his cheeks and he shook with happiness-it would only be a matter of hours before they were reunited for good. I looked out over the crowd and saw a few familiar faces…the small, stupid human and the large stupid human were standing in the crowd behind caution tape…they were finally here to collect us.


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