Seabass’Diary…Day 91…Breakaway…

July 28, 2016-My guts churned as I realized that we were on a crash course with the black car. I looked behind us and Hannah was in another car  and she was gaining on us-we were about to be sandwiched between the two. The black car was parked horizontally and blocked the end of the lane way; there was no where to go but straight through it! Grandpa opened the sliding rear window of the pick up truck, “Get in the cab!” he yelled and one by one we climbed into the front of the truck.

There was just enough room for all of us. Grandpa slid the back window shut and stepped on the gas, “Everybody HANG ON!” He stepped down on the gas and the truck reached top speed; I could see that the tall, thin human and Edgardo were standing in front of the car and that they were holding a gun.Shots rang out and I could hear the bullets hit the metal bumper and the side of the truck and we all ducked-Grandpa veered to the left and we made contact with the front of the black getaway car.

We hit the car with so much force that it shifted from it’s position and we made it through the barrier! Smoke was pouring from the truck engine so badly that we could barely see out the windshield. Grandpa rolled down his window and stuck his head out of the driver’s side door to gain visibility. We made it to the main road continued down it at a harrowing pace. He looked behind us and there was Hannah, still hot on our trail. “Dammit,” he said, “I knew the second I met her that she couldn’t be trusted-she’s working for the bad guys!”At that moment it all made sense…or did it?


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