Seabass’ Diary…Day 90…Grand Theft Auto…

July 27, 2016-Grandpa shook his head, “I don’t understand? What do you mean?” Hannah looked at him and whispered, “She was just here…and she’ll be back within the hour.” The colour drained from grandpa’s face and he stood still for a beat before he sprang into action. “We need to get the animals out of here NOW!” he said. Something deep inside of me said that we should not trust Hannah, it was a nagging feeling that wouldn’t stop.

Grandpa started to corral the animals and help them into the back of the truck and within minutes we finally loaded in. “I’ll take you to a safe place in town, it won’t take long to get there,” Hannah said. “I just need to get something from inside of the house,” she said. I caught the slightest look of anxiety as it flashed across on her face-she was lying. Grandpa looked uneasy but agreed,”Please hurry-we don’t have much time.” Hannah ran towards the abandoned farm house and grandpa slid into the driver’s seat of the truck-there were no keys in the ignition. As Hannah disappeared from view, grandpa slid the panel off of the steering column. He grabbed two wires, stripped them and twisted them together and the truck roared to life.

He put his foot on the gas and the truck burst out of the barn. We flew down the bumpy, gravel driveway at top speed and I looked behind me to see Hannah in the distance, waving her arms and running after us. The truck twisted around every corner and dust filled the air-we were almost to the road. At the end of the lane way I saw it…the same black car that had been used as the getaway car in the diamond heist.


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