Seabass’ Diary…Day 87…Reunited at Last

July 22, 2016- Grandpa picked up both Simba and I and hugged us, “I’m so glad you’re ok! We’ll be out of this mess very soon I promise!” he said and we followed Simba up a very steep hill. When we finally reached the top there was a tiny glow of light from about a mile away. “There,” he said and pointed to a small farm in the distance. We ran the rest of the way and when we arrived at our destination we were out of breath.

We followed Simba to the abandoned farm and he led us around the back of a dilapidated barn. He crawled through a large hole in the side of the building and we did the same. As my eyes adjusted to the firelight, I saw the animals! They were all there-Caleb, Callisto and all of the others! We were finally re-united! “Sebastien! You’re here!” Caleb said as he grabbed me and pulled me into a tight embrace. “Yes dear friend, you knew I would come,” I said. “Thank you for saving Simba from the hotel…it means more to me than you’ll ever know,” I said.

Caleb smiled and I hugged Callisto, “Thank you,” I repeated. The animals were gathered around us and Grandpa spoke,”We need to get everyone back to their homes and we need to move quickly,” he said. “I have a feeling that those horrible people won’t give up on finding us…this is a very dangerous situation.” I shuddered at the thought that the tall, thin human could still be stalking us. “Shhh…” Grandpa said as he put his finger to his lips and the animals became quiet. In the dead of the night we could hear what sounded like a car, coming up the lane way…

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